Nigerian man overseas caught on camera instructing herbalist to make family insane (VIDEO)

Nigerian man overseas caught on camera instructing herbalist to make family insane (VIDEO)

A Nigerian man abroad was recorded on camera instructing his “herbalist” to make a woman and her children run mad.


The yet-to-be-identified Nigerian man was walking on the streets in a foreign country. Meanwhile, he was speaking the Yoruba language, one of the major languages in Nigeria.


While he was giving orders to the herbalist on the telephone, the man didn’t know someone who understood his language was walking closely.


The person recorded the scene while the man was speaking and leaked the video online.


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He could be heard telling the herbalist that the work he did for him before wasn’t effective; and that he also spent a lot of money.


“The wife and the child don’t want us to sell the house.


”The first one you did for me didn’t work and I spent so much money on that. I want you to help me to do it that the wife will sell the building.


”What I want now is that I want the wife and the child to run mad.


”I want the wife not to know what she is doing,” he said.


Watch the video in link below.


In other news, Angela Nwosu who is a self-acclaimed Ogbanje took to social media to laud her husband who had the effrontery to get married to her in 2020.


She dubbed her husband, Soundmind Nnaemeka a god.


According to the controversial media personality, he changed her life and also gave it a meaning.


Angela took to Instagram to celebrate her moviemaker husband.


Here is what she wrote;


“I keep thanking the universe and all the positive forces of nature that be, for blessing me with a God on earth.

”The God that I can not live without.

”The God that I would gladly give my life for, with a huge smile on my face.

”I love you so much, Sound m. May the universe continue to protect what we have and keep you safe for me. It will forever be well with you, odogwu m ❤️ @soundmind_official

”iPhone camera + background = beauty smack down 😁”




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