Nigerian man rolls inside mud after lady declined his proposal

Nigerian man rolls inside mud after lady declined his proposal

A heartbroken Nigerian man was seen rolling inside the mud after his supposed girlfriend rejected his proposal to become his wife.


Specifically, the incident took place in Owerri, Imo State.


The middle-aged Nigerian man was captured weeping and mourning his rejection inside the mud in a market in Owerri.


In the video, the lady could be seen shouting at the man after she rejected his proposal.


The heartbroken man prostrated on the floor as he pleaded with her to accept his proposal.


The embattled man identified as Ekeh Nnamdi Roll who is a bricklayer while speaking with journalists said from his little income that he trained Miss Charity in the university only to be dumped after five years.


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Ekeh advised men to use their money for gambling than investing it in any woman.


Equally important, Ekeh also stated that Miss Charity was the third woman to treat him in such manner. He concluded that  themajority of women out there are fraudsters who see relationship as opportunity to dupe innocent men.


An eyewitness who shared the video wrote;

“I am an eyewitness to that.

According to the man, he trained her through school, rented and equipped her shop.

Bought her a small car only for him to propose to her and turned him down,” the eye witness stated.


Watch the video in link below.


Still affiliated with the theme of love and relationship, a man was dragged on social media a couple of days ago for his suggestive caption on Twitter.


The man identified as Michael Boyd has been greatly criticized across various social media platforms for the caption he used while sharing a photo of himself and his woman.


Michael Boyd captioned the photo: “She ain’t the prettiest but she’s loyal.”


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