Bobrisky: Nigerians stage protest against cross-dresser in Abuja (Video)

Bobrisky: Nigerians stage protest against cross-dresser in Abuja (Video)


A coterie of livid Nigerian youths in Abuja have organized a protest instigated against popular transvestite, Bobrisky real name Idris Okuneye.


The protest took place in the early hours of Thursday, September 19. Meanwhile, the protesters who are affiliated with the National Youth Council of Nigeria stated that they are in support of the stance against the popular cross-dresser.


The National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) and the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) have advised the controversial transgender personality to stop promoting  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) lifestyle or vacate Nigeria.


Specifically, the youths proceeded with placards to the National Assembly, Force Headquarters and stopped at NCAC.


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Muktar Jebba described the cross dresser’s persona as ungodly and immoral. Equally important, Jebba is the vice president of the NYCN (Northern Youth Central Zone).


Protesters urge action against Bobrisky, say Nigeria not for LGBT

Muktar said:


Consequently, the NYCN today, September 18, 2019, declares Bobrisky as persona non grata. As he is a man (not a woman).  For national interest, we call on the ever-conscious, ever-ready, combatant Nigerian youths and comrades of like minds to, without fear or favour.


“Kick out Bobrisky and his likes wherever they come across them. Nigeria is not a place for LGBT and we shall fight this to the end.”


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Jebba called on the Inspector-General of Police and the Director-General of the Department of State Service to use their good offices and their men to stop the likes of Bobrisky from rubbishing the country’s pride and image.


Watch the protest below:


Meanwhile, the sensational cross-dresser has remained in the eye of the public due to his constant controversies.


This has made him a target for critics and trolls. However, the situation has not deterred him from expressing his bold maverick personality



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  1. Avatar

    Misplaced priorities from these protesters… Bobrisky is not Nigeria’s problem… Bobrisky is not the Reason why Nigeria does not have constant electricity, good roads, jobs for the ever increasing graduates and non graduates , healthcare and so on… Leave Bobrisky alone and protest against the government… There is hardship in Nigeria and Bobrisky like many other Nigerian is trying to survive since our clueless leaders have made the country SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!!!

  2. Avatar

    Naija youths! they can organise protest against ‘lack of something to protest against’ sef. When did protesting become profession here?

  3. Avatar

    I approve this message! If anything, it shows how ignorant these protesters are. There are adulterers, embezzlers, thieves, false prophets, scammers and they are protesting a private citizen about her sexuality? Excuse me!!!

  4. Avatar

    heir rights…it takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no political deal to give people freedom. It takes no survey to remove repression.

  5. Avatar

    Why did Irish people vote to introduce gay marriage? Because we know what discrimination feels like and if we can take the boot of oppression off someone else’s throat, we’ll do it every time.

  6. Avatar

    Stupid so called coward youths. You are not worried about the raping of your country by the politicians to organize and the country back and you worried about transgender dresser. Shame on all you. You have your priorities mixed up.

  7. Avatar

    What I see here is absence of GOD in people’s hearts. Decency and moral is not in the gender, or in the clothes, but in the heart. Dirty minds throwing mud at someone who’s trying to make a life. If that person is not hurting anyone or causing any damage why don’t you leave him/her alone? It’s just a human being working to survive. Desperation and need force people to do things that others can’t approve. Especially when they live under difficult government.


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