Nkechi Blessing: “I was never married to Falegan”

Nkechi Blessing: “I was never married to Falegan”

Nigerian actress, Nkechi Blessing has disclosed that she never tied the knot with Opeyemi Falegan.

Blessing and Falegan have been exchanging several accusations on their social media space which has stirred reactions online.

According to Blessing, she was the one taking care of Falegan during their relationship.

The actress in an interview with Saturday Beats said, “I was never married to Falegan. We just had a relationship that I thought was a beautiful one that needed not to be defined by a wedding. However, since it did not work, everybody just moved ahead.”

Blessing while speaking on what caused their break up said, “Nothing caused it. It did not just work. We just went our separate ways. It was a fact that I was the one taking care of him. Everyone that lives in London knows that.”

Blessing had been condemned for saying she would not come online to talk about her relationship if it crashes.

She stated this while speaking on the wake of the divorce between dancer, Korra Obidi, and her husband, Justin Dean, she wrote, “I have said this before and I will say it again. I will show you fun memories of my relationship and if that relationship goes south, I will take my ‘L’ in peace and move on.

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“I resist the urge to shalaye (explain) because I cannot come and be dragging someone who I once used sweet words to praise on this app. Let’s carry our madness to WhatsApp.”

Meanwhile, Falegan has apologised for his statement on the internet.

Falegan in a video posted on Instagram on Thursday said, “I want to apologise for my outburst yesterday. I want to tell everybody that I will be leaving social media till further notice. When love comes, it is always like a dream but when it goes, it is like a nightmare.”

In an Instagram Live session with crossdresser, James Brown, and two other participants, the actress announced that she was presently dating a 60-year-old man.

She said, “I am dating a 60-year-old man now and he gives me so much peace. He does not have time for Instagram. I am the one sharing all these scandals with him.”





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