Nkechi Blessing reveals she is married

Nkechi Blessing reveals she is married

Nkechi Blessing in a recent interview has revealed that she is happily married.


According to the controversial actress, she prefers to keep her relationship off the prying eyes of the media and critics.


During her interview session, Nkechi Blessing had this to say about her marriage;

My marriage is the part of my life I wanted to be quiet about.

I know that I have always been loud about all my relationships but I also like and deserve privacy too.

I only show people what I want them to see.

It is my marriage and everyone should not know who I am married to.”


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In the latter part of the interview, the actress revealed that her husband is a private person.


She stated that her husband does not enjoy using social media.


She continued;

“My husband does not like social media.

Before some people bombard him with messages on social media, looking for what is not lost.

He does not even comment on my Instagram posts.

I know I am a loud person but even spiritually, it is advisable not to always have too much buzz around everything one does.

I gave birth and no one knew until they saw my child.

Everything is possible as long as one has people who are not selling one out.

It is one’s friends that often sell one out, and once one cuts that down, one’s secret would be safe.”

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