Nnamdi Kanaga to direct movie on Igbo landing mass suicide

Nnamdi Kanaga to direct movie on Igbo landing mass suicide

Nnamdi Kanaga has revealed that his historic movie in the making will be titled, They Chose The Sea.


The American-based Nigerian movie director announced via his Instagram page that he will be commencing work on the film, ‘They Chose The Sea’ which narrates the mass suicide of Igbos in 1803 during the slave trade.


Nnamdi Kanaga revealed that the movie will be co-produced by Israel McKinney and Jennings Barmore.


Already in its pre-production stage, the forthcoming film will follow the tragic story of the Igbo landing mass suicide in 1803.


According to history, the captives chose to drown in the sea than be enslaved in America.


For Nnamdi Kanaga, ‘They Chose The Sea’ will celebrate the bravery of the Igbo people; while highlighting the great strength of the people who “chose the protection of their god and death over the alternative of life and slavery in a foreign land.”



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This project is not a counter against the horrendous and cataclysmic effects of slavery upon black people in America (still going on till this very day).


”But a very conscious effort to showcase the strength, and power of our ancestors; as opposed to the predominant narrative of suffering and oppression often associated with films about slavery,” Kanaga added.


The movie director also revealed why he picked up the project.


On Instagram, Kanaga wrote;


“They Chose The Sea,” a film by Nnamdi Kanaga.


”A powerful story of ancestral Igbo people that defied the pains of enslavement and chose their freedom, through the sea.


The forthcoming project is co-directed by Jennings Barmore who doubles as co-producer alongside Isreal McKinney Scott.

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