Nnamdi Kanu: 1000 reasons why IPOB leader must get a fair trial – Peju Akande

Nnamdi Kanu: 1000 reasons why IPOB leader must get a fair trial – Peju Akande

Nnamdi Kanu



Nigeria has never been known to be a fair country.



The reason is simple because as Nigerians say, “this life no balance.”



Look at the energy, the strategic thinking, the swiftness with which Sunday Igboho was captured in Cotonou and almost extradited back to Nigeria until Benin Republic said, ‘no, we must follow the rule of law on this because Nigerian authorities don’t know what the rule of law is.”



In Nigeria, the Rule of Law is like a rumour to us. That’s how come Sunday Igboho is spared…for now.



Same with Nnamdi Kanu, the thinking behind luring him back to Nigeria is superb. Now Kanu is ‘cooling his heels’…as we say in DSS custody.


And we are thankful our security agents are doing a fine job!



If they can catch enemies of the state like these with ease; we’re still wondering how come students are still in the bandits’ dens to date? For instance, of the 118 students abducted in Kaduna state from the Bethel Baptist High School; only 28 were released after the parents paid N50million ransom. The bandits said the rest would be released when the remaining N10million is paid!

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Nnamdi Kanu: 1000 reasons why IPOB leader must get a fair trial – Peju Akande



Same for the kids from the Islamic schools in Niger state…



Why are security agents guarding Nnamdi Kanu and hunting down Sunday Igboho; when school kids are still missing in Kaduna state, in Niger state and in Zamfara state. Why are security agents looking like lukman as poor Nigerians are raising hefty sums for the real terrorists, I mean bandits. Tell me, how do you keep referring to terrorists who shot down a fighter jet as bandits?



But since we’ve shouted ourselves hoarse over this matter and nothing has shifted; let’s go back to the trial of Nnamdi Kanu.



Will it be fair?



That’s already in doubt.


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Nnamdi Kanu: 1000 reasons why IPOB leader must get a fair trial – Peju Akande


Yesterday, Monday, 26th of July, 2021, Nnamdi Kanu did not show up at the Federal High Court in Abuja. It was reported that the DSS said they couldn’t produce Nnamdi Kanu at the court because of; wait for it “logistics difficulties.”



What does it mean? It could mean anything from…



Maybe their vehicle broke down…



Or they ran out of petrol…



Or they forgot Monday was the date for the trial…



‘Logistics’ can come in the form of anything.



It could even be because Nnamdi Kanu refused to leave his bed…You know, he may have even refused to brush his teeth or eat his breakfast; thereby distressing the DSS and thus, like the good parent, the DSS insisted; “You will not leave your cell until you brush your teeth and finish your breakfast!” to which Kanu dug in his heels and said, ‘no,’ like a petulant child.



We may never know the real reason behind the “logistics difficulties.” Which is why I don’t envy them at the DSS. Their job is hard.


However, we are curious about whether Nnamdi Kanu will get a fair trial; especially with reports that the DSS has barred some media organizations from covering the trial…

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Why? In a democracy?





Same DSS that weeks back had prevented Kanu from signing documents that would enable the British Government to offer consular assistance to him. Nnamdi Kanu has dual citizenship; he has a British passport. Why didn’t the DSS let him sign so help can be offered to him?



We may never know.



What we are most apprehensive about is the fact that Nnamdi Kanu was unable to appear for his trial. The Judge, Justice Binta Nyako, is reported in The PUNCH to have said, “trial can never commence without the defendant being present.” And so the trial has been adjourned to October, 21, 2021.



What will happen in the interim?



Can the DSS guarantee Nnamdi Kanu’s safety? Same DSS that stormed Igboho’s home in the middle of the night without a warrant and without notice; killing two innocent Nigerians in the process?

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Whatever happens till the new trial date, the government must understand that Nnamdi Kanu must remain safe. Ironically, the treatment meted out to him has simply elevated him into a demigod. This is an individual whose people had scant regard for.



Same for Sunday Igboho.




Now, Obas and Yorubas in Nigeria as well as the diaspora are rooting for Sunday Igboho. These two have been inadvertently raised into small gods by the government seeking to repress them.



Should they be unfairly tried, the government will have itself to blame.

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