Nnamdi Kanu: The Man, the ideology, the people

Nnamdi Kanu: The Man, the ideology, the people



This Nnamdi Kanu matter, it has come to a point in time where people need to clearly separate the issues involved and this is imperative for everyone.



The government, the people, and even Nnamdi Kanu and his followers also known as IPOBIANS.



Igbo people have always prided themselves on being “Republican in Nature”. I have always been a bit iffy about that staunch declaration on behalf of all Igbo people. But time and time again, it plays out in the way the Igbo choose to conduct themselves and their affairs. The Igbo interpretation of this republicanness can best be narrowed down to “Igbo e nwe eze”. The Igbo do not ascribe to any rulership over them.



I’ll explain.



Yes, the Igbo people may have ascribed positions of power and authority both traditionally and politically. But the average Igbo man sees himself as his own king and rule maker. You cannot use money to lure and confuse an average Igbo man. He will rubbish you and your money and let you know exactly where to get off the bus. As far as he is concerned, he is a man unto himself not because of the money he has; but because of his ability to pursue a trade diligently with as much wisdom as he has and the fear of God.



So, where does that situate Ndi Igbo in all this mess?




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Nnamdi Kanu: The Man, the ideology, the people –Viola Okolie



The Man: 


For all avoidance of doubt, Nnamdi Kanu is just that to an average Igbo man – a man. Nothing more and nothing less. He has little to no authority over right-thinking Igbos who see through his ruse for what it is – an attempt to jump on the bandwagon of the Igbos’ deepest pain and innermost desire: the need for self-determination – and work it for his own gain, which whether you like to read this or not, is largely pecuniary.



Once again and for anyone pretending not to know the facts; Nnamdi Kanu was lured to wherever he was abducted from by an invitation to come and take “donation”.



Bros no dey use ear hear donation. That is why in these days of money transfers and all what not; he did not consider his personal safety first but hopped aboard that plane to go and collect money; knowing full well what was at stake.



But that is his cup of tea and that of his supporters; many of whom were largely taken by surprise with this turn of events. A month or so to this, Nnamdi Kanu had gone what could best be described as “rogue” on his supporters. There had been a lot of fighting in-house and he had declared the UK branch of IPOB; his home branch, an illegal entity. Makes you want to pause and LOL.



The issues surrounding the man, however, is that he is just that and has physically caused no harm to any other individual. Nevertheless, he has gingered a lot of his followers to begin to re-enact the darkest part of the history of the Biafran pogrom; the targeting of their fellow Igbos and the brutal and inhuman massacre of same for allegedly being against the cause; or to put it as it may be more popularly known, “saboteurs”.



I say this because once again I have asked. Since the inception of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) and the appearance of the unknown gunmen in Igbo land; apparently to help Ndi Igbo rid themselves of the menace of the Fulani Herdsmen; I would like to see evidence of one single herdsman or cow that had been slaughtered in response to the attacks on farmlands and communities.


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Nnamdi Kanu: The Man, the ideology, the people –Viola Okolie




Instead, what we saw were attacks on police stations and police men and other security agencies protecting Ndi Igbo; publicizing these attacks on social media, and then the almost rabid celebration of these attacks by members of the IPOB. Then, of recent, the actual targeting of individuals, naming them “saboteurs” and assuring the world that they will meet a brutal end; for the mere suspicion alone, of being anti IPOB.



The only thing again that must be discussed if Nnamdi Kanu, the man, is being discussed; or else, this would be a lopsided position; would be that the treatment should be equal to the one given to the self-separatists in the North; else he and his IPOB should be left to run amok and do as they will.



Let the government be seen to treat everyone fairly.



We await the announcement of Nnamdi Kanu as the new Head of the DSS; or an arrest of the key leaders of Boko Haram who have done worse carnage to the sovereignty of Nigeria; as it stands.


The ideology: 






An utopia!



Igbo Nirvana.



A dream.



Which burns in the heart of every Igbo man but which unfortunately is being stamped out by the activities of a few of us.


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Biafra means self-realization. Self-actualisation. Breaking away from the forced Nigerian union in which Ndi Igbo have been treated like the door mat wife. Passed over for important positions and decisions and constantly reminded that they are unequal partners who are not allowed to leave; but must remain in the union and remain subservient to their narcissistic psychopath lords and masters in order to survive.



It is evident in the way the few Igbo people who are allowed positions of power feel the need to constantly suck up to the establishment. Their tongues are so far up the rectums of their northern oligarchs that a surgical separation may be required to remove those appendages.



Every Igbo man, even the one just born yesterday, wants to be free of this contraption but at what cost?



Repeatedly, we have seen that the freedom we seek, may not be the one we need. So, we try to advocate for a tampering of tempers and temperaments. We must not all agree or be threatened with instant and brutal death. Heck! Even the Igbo say that there is no one route to Onitsha; so it should not be their way or the highway.



If there are threats that we either conform to one way of thinking or perish; then we refuse to align.




Nnamdi Kanu: The Man, the ideology, the people –Viola Okolie



The People: 





A tribe almost elevated to a status of “race” within the country Nigeria. Highly industrious people who are both versatile in terms of ideas and products. Self-driven and highly motivated people. Perfection seems to be their target in anything they set their minds to: academia, business or corporate. Focused people who can squeeze water from a rock. They work hard, live hard and play hard.






A rag tag band of half-bred ragamuffins who believe that Nnamdi Kanu is their god; or that the sun shines out of his anus. About 20% of them are resident outside the country from where they fan the embers of war in Igbo land. They have little to no strategy other than: agree with us or perish.


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Argue with them, and irrespective of whether they were on a thread of yours where you were arguing for them five minutes earlier calling you “Angel”, “Ada Igbo”, “confirmed wife material” etc. etc; they will immediately declare you a saboteur, a commercial sex worker; or the product of a hurried union between a “Hausa Fulani and Igbo commercial sex worker”. Never mind that your pedigree may be more grounded than theirs.



Erstwhile, they were pamphlet-carrying, praise-and-worship singing, unarmed youth. We sincerely hope for their sake that that is still their current manifestation.



Sadly, over 99% of them are of Igbo extraction.

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