Nollywood Actress Toyin Abraham spotted with baby bump after secret wedding (Photos)

Nollywood Actress Toyin Abraham spotted with baby bump after secret wedding (Photos)


Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham was recently spotted in Lagos with a baby bump.


Toyin Abraham is not any different as she has been linked with several rumours in recent times, starting from her divorce, her engagement and breakup, her secret romance with a fellow actor, Kolawole Ajeyemi.


The talks of a romantic affair between the duo started when the screen star was spotted with the prominent actor at a public event.


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The rumour mongers were quick to spread the gist that the divorced actress was possibly romantically involved with the actor.


They, however, didn’t end there as they went on to announce her secret wedding introduction and pregnancy to him.



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She took to her Instagram page to share a beautiful photo of herself with the caption, “Happiness is personal. Don’t let people determine your happiness.


These people are not you!

Most of them are not even loyal! Their feelings are at best fickle; their thought, you are not even sure. However, one thing you are sure of is what makes you happy. Please stick with your happiness. Protect it and be unapologetic! #TOYINTITANS.”



In the photo, however, the actress looked pregnant.


She was observed trying to use her hand to cover her abdomen by womb watchers.


For some reason, haters came after her for the post and some of them were ladies who mocked her for getting knocked up, trolling her new ‘husband as well.


However, one of her fans took the opportunity to set the record straight on her behalf. Here is what he wrote:


“Too many senseless ladies out there. Una level of low thinking is alarming! So all you consider in courtship marriage is fine boy? You would know Kola is not oni kotokoto talkative like a pu**y!

And I also read somewhere Kola na machine.

The lady said he once dated her friend no wonder world best got pregnant on time….one of the characteristics of a fine guy is him being able to satisfy in bed and he is a very reserved matured guy and who says Kola no fine? I prefer his look 2 million times more. I prefer a manly look to pretty face man like woman……na man you be Kola.

Thanks for pumping up my WB. I appreciate!


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