Nollywood: Somebody is sharing movie money and I want in! — Ella Temisan

Nollywood: Somebody is sharing movie money and I want in! — Ella Temisan

Let me ask you this, apart from the regular Nollywood fare, when last did you visit a cinema ?

Your answer is probably pre-COVID or most recently when a crush dragged you out on a date, right? Okay. Another question, why haven’t you gone to a cinema in a long while? I’m assuming you used to visit one often in the past.

What changed? I’ll tell you.

For me, it was a combination of Netflix and the cinemas not having any good showing. When I say this, I mean they mainly have showings of mediocre movies. The kind that African Magic would have on repeat? Those.

I’d visit a cinema’s website and be seeing weird movie titles like “Neighbour Next-Door”. What is “Neighbour Next-Door”? And why is Tunfulu the star actor? Not to denigrate the man’s acting legacy.

But there’s no way that I’m spending nothing less than 5k in tickets and snacks to watch corny comedy.

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There were days when I’d wait impatiently for a new cinema release. I’d monitor the website and save for tickets and lots of snacks. But these days, nothing. Movies get released and uploaded straight to an online streaming service. Or they get made and should have never been released. I mean, what are these recent so-called big-ticket Nollywood movies? Especially these remakes. They get made after plenty of noise, with big actors and a flashy production crew.

But what are they?!

A sad waste of personal time. That’s what they are. I don’t want to name names but there’s a movie-producing network that claims to be remaking old Nollywood classics. They should be stopped. Unless they choose to distribute pieces of that cake they are eating, then they need to be stopped. Their most recent release is evidence. Why I spent time and data on that movie is one of my life’s recent regrets.

But imagine travelling to a cinema to burn cash, time and energy on that movie? Ah! I’d have been crazy with annoyance.

No doubt few good movies are getting made from the deal Netflix struck with Nigerian movie producers. Like the Yoruba-themed one about a musician. That one was worth every penny.

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There was one another as well. The very first remake of a Nollywood classic by this producer is stressing me so much. That one was good too. There are others obviously that make the pass mark.

But the list of bad movies ravaging our cinemas is so long and painful!

Somebody is sharing movie money and that somebody doesn’t care about our feelings. If that person is hearing me, please share this money. Let it go around.

It’ll do us more good than pouring it into poorly made movies.

Thank you.

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