North and South Koreas agree to reunite families

North and South Koreas agree to reunite families

North and South Korea agreed early on Tuesday to reunite families divided since the end of the Korean War in 1953 for a week in late October. The agreement, reached between Red Cross representatives from each side in the border village of Panmunjom, will permit 100 families who have been separated for more than six decades to meet at the Mount Kumgang resort in North Korea, Yonhap news reported.

The accord is the first concrete indication of an improvement in relations between Seoul and Pyongyang, which came close to open warfare in late August after a landmine severely injured two South Korean soldiers. That incident prompted an exchange of artillery fire across the demilitarised zone and a general mobilisation on both sides that was only defused during three days of talks at Panmunjom.

One of the promises that Seoul won from the North in those discussions was the resumption of reunions that have, in the past, been used as a bargaining chip by Pyongyang. Read more


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