Obasa throws weight behind Tinubu’s presidential ambition, dispels fears about old age

Obasa throws weight behind Tinubu’s presidential ambition, dispels fears about old age

The Lagos State House of Assembly Speaker, Mudashiru Obasa, has publicly supported the presidential ambition of the former governor of the state, Bola Tinubu.

Obasa made his stance known on Thursday, January 20, at the Anchor University’s first Public Lecture of the Faculty of Humanities, insisting the All Progressives Congress (APC) leader is capable of governing Nigeria.

The lawmaker said leaders can only succeed when they have the requisite capacities to meet the desires of their followers.

Noting that citizens yearn for more development, he expressed hope that “the collective dream” would be fulfilled in near future.

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Obasa said if Nigeria was placed side by side with some other countries and assessed, the difference would be clear.

“Today, people choose to go to Dubai. Look at their development in the last 50 years. We heard stories of how their leaders visited Ibadan for medical checkups.

“Now, what do we have? Nigerians visiting the UAE and others for medical reasons. China is a superpower because of its growth.

“The most important thing for us now is to have a leader who understands and can handle our situation.”

The Speaker argued that fixing Nigeria requires good administration and reminded the people of the opportunity to get it right by 2023.

When applicants show interest in a job, Obasa continued, the first things asked are the person’s credentials and experience.

“In choosing who would be our leader in 2023, we need to ask questions about who is competent enough; done something similar to what we desire.

“We had someone in Lagos State who laid a solid foundation, particularly in relation to revenue. A person who used his intelligence to move revenue from just N600million to billions.

“Leadership is not about who is old or young. We have had some young governors who have no positive thing to show about development,” he stressed.


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