Obasanjo urges youth to displace old generation from power

Obasanjo urges youth to displace old generation from power

A former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, on Wednesday, August 13, implored African youths to dislodge the older generation from leadership positions.

The former president also urged the youth to participate actively in the activities of political parties to take over the structure from them.

Obasanjo made this assertion while delivering a keynote address at an interactive session held virtually to mark this year’s International Youth Day.

The programme was organised by the Youth Development Centre, an arm of the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library at Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta.

Participants were drawn from Nigeria, Mali, USA, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa.

According to him, unless older people are forced out of the political stage; they will continue to occupy the leadership positions to the detriment of the youths.

“Unless you squeeze out those who are in the office and those who want to remain in office perpetually; some after the age of 80, unless you squeeze them out, they will not want to be out.

“The type of change I am talking about, that I believe we can all embark upon is to subscribe to the constitution of political parties in favour of youths. Or if you like it, you call it affirmative action in favour of youths.

“For instance, if you say, in the constitution of a political party, not less than 50 per cent of those who hold executive office within the party will be less than 40 years,” Obasanjo explained.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Labour Congress in collaboration with the Private Telecommunications and Communications Senior Staff Association of Nigeria on Tuesday, August 11, threatened to embark on a two-week industrial action over the alleged anti-labour practices by the management of MTN Nigeria.

This was contained in a statement which listed 13 issues including expert quota policy which MTN should tackle to avoid industrial action.

It said that the company should discontinue with expatriates because of an abuse of the policy.

According to the statement, these issues include the remuneration of workers; exit packages for long-term staff; employee relations practices; and alleged abuse of expatriate quota; amongst others.

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The union demanded that MTN allow every employee that wishes to join the union to do so; without further delay and any form of intimidation.

Excerpt from the statement reads, “We have called you here to let the world know about the unfortunate events in MTN Nigeria; which if not quickly apprehended and mediated may portend great danger to the industrial relations clime within MTN Nigeria.

“MTN practices an unwholesome; insensitive; and discriminatory structure in the emoluments of some categories of workers. Workers on the same job level earn disproportionately. In many cases, members of a team earn more than their team leads; and even more than their direct managers,” the union alleged.


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