Obaseki predicts Nigeria’s collapse if APC wins 2023 polls

Obaseki predicts Nigeria’s collapse if APC wins 2023 polls

Godwin Obaseki, the governor of Edo State, has issued a dire warning that Bola Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate, will bring about the total collapse of Nigeria.

No administration had ever damaged Nigeria to the extent that the APC government had, according to Obaseki, who made this comment on Monday, October 24, in Benin at the launch of the People’s Democratic Party’s Edo State Campaign Management Council.

He also mentioned that the country’s debt profile under President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has reached N60 trillion.

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The Governor claimed that in order to free the nation from the current APC, the PDP must triumph in the elections of 2023.

Obaseki asserted: “God forbid APC comes into power, this country will break; this country will fail, it has already failed, because no government has ever done the kind of damage the APC has done to this country.

“As I speak today, the debt of this country is going to N60 trillion. When are we going to come out of it? Every day, every month, they are printing and printing money to pay salaries. When I cried out years ago, I never knew it was as bad as this. What will happen to the Naira? Only God will help us. They (APC) has destroyed the basis of this country. Electing Tinubu will lead to a total collapse of the country.

“APC is threatening the coexistence of this country, but by the grace of God, when we come into power, we will revive this country. We will make this country what it ought to be.”

Obaseki, the Edo State Chairman of the PDP Presidential Campaign Council, encouraged the 10-man team to make sure Atiku wins the elections in 2023 and free the nation from the APC.

He also emphasized that the party must also win the majority of seats in the National Assembly.

“Whatever sacrifice we must make, we must make it to change the fortune of this country. This election is an essential one for us. This election is very important to us as a government because we cannot be in the opposition. Opposition is very useless,” he added.

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