Obaseki: “Security arrangement must reflect federal system for effective policing”

Obaseki: “Security arrangement must reflect federal system for effective policing”

The Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki on Thursday, October 29, revealed that Nigeria’s security arrangement must reflect its federal system for effective policing.

Obaseki stated that in a democracy, there is a need for an institution that will ensure law and order is maintained.

Governor Obaseki made the comments in Benin while speaking to journalists. Further, he stressed the need for putting mechanisms in place to ensure transparency in government.

According to him, it is time for politicians to prioritise the affairs of governance to benefit the people; adding that political leaders must remain selfless for Nigeria to attain its full potential.

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“Only a few persons in government are held accountable for their decisions in government.

“I am not in government to make money; I am not in government for fame. But I am in government to serve. The youths are the reasons why I am in government. If I cannot serve you, I will quit,” he said.

For things to be working in this country, he said there are structural challenges that needed to be made.

“Let us not gloss over the cracks. Let us go to the foundation and begin to fix the conditions because the cracks are expanding so wide.

“Issues of better government, proper governance, and transparency are what we are emphasising. When we have younger people who can use technology in government, we will have transparency and accountability, which informed my decision to have many younger people working for my government,” he said.

Obaseki added that in a democracy, you need an institution that will ensure law and order.

“Our security arrangement in the country must reflect our federal system as I can’t be a governor of a state and not be able to hire and fire my commissioner of police, but #ENDSARS protests have helped us start the process,” he said.

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