Obaseki vows never to leave PDP, appeals for unity

Obaseki vows never to leave PDP, appeals for unity

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has vowed not to leave the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Obaseki made this call on Tuesday, October 12, after a stakeholders’ meeting in Benin City, the capital city.

“I will not leave PDP. I am the leader of PDP and by the grace of God, I will lead PDP well.

“Anybody that doesn’t want me to lead or want to accept my leadership will leave PDP for me,” he noted.

He also lambasted critics who aim to create division within the ranks of the PDP.

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“There are people who have continued to feed you with lies. That is the nature of their politics, if there is no confusion they will not eat.

“Last year, when we join you, we started a movement that has never happened in Edo before not even in our politics.

“If we go for election today, we will win by 85 percent. It means we don’t have meaningful opposition and if this is the situation, we should not create opposition inside.

“We are here to stay and invest in PDP. I am the governor to join PDP last and was made chairman of our e-registration process, so why should I leave the party.

“We came to meet PDP as a solid party, the only true party in this country while others are special purpose vehicles for elections.

“I said come let us harmonise and the harmonization is to carry everybody along. We don’t need to lie in politics. Politics is a game of numbers.

“I call all of you leaders of the party to come together to build a solid party. We won our election last year because of our cooperation.

“We can’t escape from harmonization if we want to go for National Convention. I have almost 300 to 400 political appointments I want to make.

“People are greedy, politics is all about to give and take. I appreciate PDP, we came, we won, we are not leaving PDP, will not accept any opposition within PDP, if you are not happy with my leadership, you can leave us.

“Let’s all of us harmonise, some local governments have done theirs, while some are still far behind.

“By this weekend, please complete the harmonization. I am here to assure you that there is something for everyone that has worked for us and continues to work for us.

“The important thing is for us to continue to grow our party,” Obaseki said.

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