Of all the available women in the world, why go for a child? — Peju Akande

Of all the available women in the world, why go for a child? — Peju Akande

Last week, I watched episode 3 of HBO’s new series, The Last of Us. It featured a gay couple who had survived a plague that ravaged the “entire world” setting the tone for my rants over crimes against a child.

The producers of the series certainly bombed views with this particular episode and though on a normal day, I may have hesitated to watch it, I liked what I saw. I liked it so much, I called my friend about it to tell her how I empathized with the couple and how watching them just kind of made me sad for them. Go and watch it, this isn’t a review of the series.

Anyway, there I was telling my friend about it but she wasn’t impressed. Instead, she pointed to a story in the news, about a man who was sentenced to life for having sex with his child.

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In my friend’s opinion, the man and my gay friends on tv were the same, they were criminals!

I just had to lose my cool!

Also, I quite agree that it will never be acceptable for a father to sleep with his own child, and neither would it be ok for a grown man to sleep with a minor but to say being gay also sits in the same category got me upset.

I can’t seem to get over it every time I read in the news of a father caught having sex with his own child. Whether the child is a minor or old enough to say no…it is just never ok.

In an ideal world…that would be paradise, I guess, no one should speak to, be friends with, or work with anyone convicted of pedophilia. but being gay…come on!

There shouldn’t even be a basis for comparison. For me, being gay may be a crime in some countries, like Nigeria for instance but in my eyes, it is no crime. It is a choice an adult makes about whom he wants to sleep with so long as he doesn’t force himself on the person he chooses.

Being a pedophile is a crime and must be treated as such. The victim of the pedophile has no choice in the matter of who, where, or when he is assaulted! The victim is a minor, and may or may not even realise he/she is being groomed for sexual conduct he/she can’t say no to.

The story of a 28-year-old father, Amechi Ogo, sentenced to life imprisonment for raping his four-year-old child is a case in point.

His excuse as if there ever should be one, especially where insanity won’t even be admitted as one, “…he lost all sense of reasoning after a native doctor laid hands on him, and directed him to have sex with any woman he saw.”

It’s the kind of excuse you read and curse out loud!

And in talking about excuses, you want to think that poverty is the reason some men are of depraved mind…it isn’t.

You want to imagine, perhaps, it’s because they are uneducated, but oh dear, it isn’t that either.

Amechi Ogo is 28 years old animal in human skin in Delta state sentenced to life for defiling his own four-year-old daughter and he has a gang of depraved minds like him! So maybe he falls into the uneducated group of animals. This is often the way my mind works when I read about people like this.

You tell yourself, it’s because he isn’t educated, so he doesn’t know that this is a minor…but she is his daughter you tell yourself, minor or not. Then you say, maybe he was momentarily insane. He lost his mind for a sec and…

What of a medical doctor?

Dr. Femi Olaleye, the Managing Director of the Optimal Cancer Care Foundation on trial for raping his wife’s 16-year-old niece!

You can’t quite wrap your mind over the several stories you hear from victims of sexual abuse, especially minors. You can’t imagine the depth to which some people would go to lure, entrap, and groom children for their sexual pleasures when there are hundreds of willing female and even male adults!

These are just predators; evil in their intent, wily in their ways, all to fulfill a selfish urge that leaves their victims traumatized for the rest of their lives!

I have chosen not to dig into why being gay is a crime; if it is, then let the perpetrators, if caught, be punished according to the law of the land but they should never be seen in the same category as pedophiles, no because they are not predatory.

Here’s hoping many more of these pedophiles will be caught and brought to justice!

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