Ogun State Task Force official beats up woman in public (Video)

Ogun State Task Force official beats up woman in public (Video)

Reactions have trailed the actions of an official of the Ogun State Task Force who beat up a woman; (names withheld for security purposes)  in public.

The incident, which occurred on Saturday, June 20, has seen Nigerians call for the prosecution of the alleged suspect.

1st News can report that the development occurred after the woman and her husband; were arrested by the members of the Ogun State Task Force on grounds of flouting the lockdown in the state. Subsequently, the Task Force had allegedly imposed a fine of N15,000 which the couple was asked to pay.

However, trouble began when the alleged victim, began to record their encounter with the Task Force official on her mobile phone.

Equally important, 1st News has reproduced the lady’s account of the incident.

A sister of the alleged victim had taken to the micro-blogging site, Twitter, where she shared the narrative as well as a video of the alleged assault by the Ogun State Task Force official.

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‘‘This afternoon, on my way to #justritestores in Ojodu to buy a bicycle for my daughter whose 7th birthday is in 2 weeks; we were stopped at the intersection between Lagos and Ogun State (which isn’t properly marked) by #ogunstatetaskforce officials; who informed us that there was total lockdown in #ogunstate during weekends and since we were in their territory; we had to get a pass from their local government office which is about 3 minutes away.

‘‘They seized my husband’s ID card and requested that we drive them to the office. We refused to pick them in the car because of the #covid19 situation and they got really upset. I agreed to walk with the official while my husband drove behind us to their office.

‘‘When we arrived, we were handed over to the man in the video who told us we would pay a fine of N15000.00 for disobeying the lockdown that was in place. We explained that we didn’t live in Ogun State and weren’t aware of the lockdown and asked to be pardoned so we could go home. I started recording because I saw that my pleas were falling on deaf ears while the officer called a guy to deflate our tyres.’’

Here is a video of the incident which captured the assault on the woman by the Task Force official.

Meanwhile, Nigerians have reacted to the incident, even as many called on the Ogun State Government to act.


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