Ojukwu and Obiano: The slap that’s getting dirtier and dirtier – Peju Akande

Ojukwu and Obiano: The slap that’s getting dirtier and dirtier – Peju Akande

The fracas that played out between Ebele Obiano and Bianca Ojukwu at the inauguration of Charles Soludo as Governor of Anambra state has generated so much online and offline; with memes and songs and skits, posts and all forms of spinoffs.


Some are hilarious, many are downright malicious; many make you feel sorry for the one most vilified of the two women, Ebele Obiano.


And much as I would have preferred Mrs. Obiano to remain silent, say nothing and hope that this will blow over like many issues especially on social media, a new worm is wriggling in the works. It’s the one where people are trying to justify her position and another from some posts claiming Bianca Ojukwu had been sleeping with Mrs. Obiano’s husband.



First, there was a report on a press release, a few days back, purportedly sent by Mrs. Obiano’s spokesperson, one Chidiebele Obika, the story said, “Mrs Obiano said all she did was to approach the former beauty queen for their usual friendly banters only to be slapped and pushed by her.”



The report also said, “…she wondered what brought about ‘so much anger and hate’ that would cause a former diplomat to be unable to ‘manage herself in public’.

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But here’s the thing for me on this matter.





If I were Mrs Obiano, I would hold my peace and zip my lips. There are more important issues bedeviling the family than a dirty slap caught on national TV.


There’s the leaked short video of Mr. Willie Obiano, her husband, who was former Governor of Anambra state held by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission- EFCC. It’s a pitiful video with the ex-governor looking forlorn, following charges of misappropriation of N42bn and inflated contracts, among other charges.



There’s no sleep for the Obiano’s for some time to come and because of that, my sympathy goes to them.



Then some malicious stories began to go swirl round, saying Bianca isn’t the saint we assume her to be, the fact that Mrs. Obiano called her ashawo is proof that indeed she’s been sleeping around, especially with Willie Obiano and she’s not a party faithful, either.



So let’s examine this crazy theory. I’ll say that it is a serious step down for Bianca!





From Emeka Ojukwu to…Willie?


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That aside, the post said in 2019, Willie Obiano gave Bianca the sum of N 500 Million to contest for the party’s senatorial ticket.


“She was to give delegates 5m from the amount. She didn’t spend a dime of the money. Why? She wanted an automatic ticket as the wife of the founder of the party.”


The story went on to say she began sleeping with Obiano after Ebele scuttled her bid to be the Women leader of the party. The post claimed many things including the fact that the party sponsored Bianca’s children’s fees as well as her domestic needs.



Too many dirty details, if you ask me and these details are not just in one post but a few that are being shared on WhatsApp.



One of such posts even lashed at Ebele, saying she was secretly dating Obiano while his first wife was sick. This, it said,  is why Bianca told people she was responsible for the death of Obiano’s first wife.




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You see how the dirt is spreading?



No one is spared as it gets very stinky.



Who needs all of these dirt in public space?



These are women who have children.



Children who are grown and would read stuff about their mothers and fathers, too.



This for me should be the focus of the two women involved in this fracas. Make peace, even if for the cameras.



Mrs. Obiano should begin to worry about her husband’s detention and the court cases that will follow.



Mrs. Ojukwu should worry about dispelling the dirty tales of her sleeping around and misappropriating party funds to her children. These questions will pop up under circumstances no one wants to be found in.



I do not subscribe to slapping anyone one in public or private for that matter but if anyone invades my personal space; I just may deliver a Bianca on the person.



And as for being called ashawo, I think that is the cheapest insult, every woman at one time or another has been called, will be called, that, especially the ones who will not remain silent in the face of injustice!







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