Okorocha’ll ruin APC chances in 2019 – Osita Okechukwu (SUN)

Okorocha’ll ruin APC chances in 2019 – Osita Okechukwu (SUN)

How do you feel about the gale of defections from your party, the APC to the PDP?

It is part of politics and I believe it will lead to the development of our democracy. I was getting worried when the PDP was almost becoming a regional party when its activities were mostly in the South East and South South. So, the fact that they came back makes democracy more dynamic. There is no worry about the defections. By the time they finish their primaries, I do not know anybody that they are going to elect that will beat President Buhari. So, why should I worry myself? I would not lose sleep at all because I know those who are jostling to be the candidate of the PDP or the CUPP. I do not know any of the aspirants of other parties that would defeat President Buhari. And I know how the Nigerian politics is played. By the time they finish the primaries, there would be fresh rancour in the party. Those aggrieved would most likely leave and support the APC candidate. So, I am not bothered; it is still for the development of the Nigerian democracy. Read more

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