Olakira confirms Mummy G.O as his elder sister

Olakira confirms Mummy G.O as his elder sister

“Hop in my Maserati” crooner, singer Olakira in a post on social media confirms controversial clergywoman, Mummy GO as his elder sister which has generated mixed reactions from internet users.

It has been revealed that Olakira, born Ade Ebenezer is the younger brother of the controversial clergywoman. This was made known in a post on Instagram which reads; ”The controversial Mummy G.O. is reportedly the older sister to Maserati singer, Olakira, according to insiders close to the artiste.

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However, an inquisitive fan identified as @arlee_samanjaa on Twitter who is curious to know the truth questions singer Olakira if it’s true that Mummy G.0 is her elder sister, replying, Olakira confirms that she is her sister adding that his final abode is heaven and not hellfire.

@arlee_samanjaa tweeted; “na true say mummy G.O na ur sis???!!!.”

Olakira replied; “Yes she’s my sister and na heaven I dey go.”

See screenshot of their exchange below:

olakira post

See reactions their exchange also generated among netizens below:

vivianlam_glamour: Forget that one. U go still go hayfire

djoscar_psnb: With your green hair. Oh you go tint your hair green like her own so that angels on guard go know say na your sister abi. Is ok

official_rikajecy_ : Hell straight bro

artisttemmywest: Heaven no sure for both of una

@huahjos: Hop In My Meserati” Do you know what HOP stands for “Help Our Poseidon” god of the underworld. “Girl I wanna see you go down” Go down to where, the underworld of course to help Poseidon. Infact hell fire is waiting for u if you sing that song!!

el_mubarak49: They just get the same lorry mouth



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