Olamide forced to take down ‘Wonma’ video as nurses, others react

Olamide forced to take down ‘Wonma’ video as nurses, others react

Nigerian nurses and other medical practitioners have forced Olamide to bring down his new music video, ‘Wonma‘; following the misrepresentation of their profession.


The music video, ‘Wonma’ depicts nurses as sluts, prostitutes; and it objectifies the female gender. Though the single was a massive success; the music video had to be taken down hours after it was published on Wednesday, August 4.


Olamide was dragged on social media over accusations that he portrayed nurses as sexual objects in the video. In fact, the outrage trended a major hashtag on Twitter.


The music video which was released some days ago featured vixens; dressed in nurse costumes engrossed in various explicit activities and moves while on duty.


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Olamide later pulled down the video to the song he shared on his Instagram page; but it was a little too late.


Nursing World Nigeria, an online outfit that connects Nigerian nurses; also released a statement on the issue;


“Thanks to everyone who took time to report and request that the video by @Olamide posted on Instagram be taken down.

While we acknowledge the fact that @Olamide has brought the sounds and beats of Nigeria and Africa to the world at large.

The fact still remains that @Olamide recent music video misrepresents; and totally disrespects the Nursing profession and healthcare providers. With a video ‘WONMA’ depicting nurses as sex toys and sex objects to over 3.4M and 6.9M followers on @Twitter, @AppleMusic and @instagram.

It was heartbreaking, to say the least.

To those who also made the calls and desired to remain unnamed; we also appreciate you.

To everyone who used the hashtag: #NursesAreNotSexualObjects we also say thank you.

The video has now been removed Nurses Are No Sexual Objects.


See the music video below.


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