Older women: 10 reasons why young men should date them – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

Older women: 10 reasons why young men should date them – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha



A few years ago, I wrote about the joys of dating men that are younger than one. My purpose was one. A lot of older women are hung up on age and refuse to cross the line to find happiness. This age old barrier is a social construct that needs to be demolished because it exists mainly for women.



My argument was that a woman doesn’t grow mould as she gets older. No one should place a cage of age around women… even the woman in question.



So what am I doing differently today with what I am writing?



I want to convince men to date older women. And I don’t just mean only date. Younger men should not be afraid of establishing long lasting relationships with women that are older. They should ‘Macron’ that woman.




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1. OLDER WOMEN ARE MORE RESPECTFUL. It is a myth that an older woman seeks to emasculate men. We watch Nollywood movies. Consequently, we assume that such women are waiting to give men their dirty underwear to wash and seek to boss them. Older women understand a man’s need to be exalted. There is no competition. They gladly stoop to conquer. Unlike the young girls. Young girls can be rude. The majority carry their untested manifesto points on the role of women and men; and are ready to shoot a man down. They can afford to. They still have many years of being toasted ahead of them. The older woman knows when to bite her tongue.



2. OLDER WOMEN ARE SEXIER THAN YOUNGER WOMEN. Look, when you have recently sprouted the paraphernalia of office, it is pretty exciting. When those breasts stand unassisted under your tops, you feel the whole world is quivering as your breasts jog. The younger woman is so preoccupied with what she has naturally; that she feels she does not need to do much to turn a man on. The older woman has had all this for a while. She understands her body. Probably, she has the experience to thrill a man in more ways than the younger girl thinks is possible.



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3. OLDER WOMEN ARE EASIER TO HANDLE EMOTIONALLY. How many times have you heard the expression “Na small girl dey worry am.” We all know what this means. Maturity is always a plus. It is an advantage to be with someone that does not fly off the handle; someone who has tendencies to demonstrate youthful rashness. The older woman will not give you small girl issues. If she catches you cheating, she will not begin to shout and cry all over the place. She will weigh her options calmly and decide what to do.



Older women: 10 reasons why young men should date them - Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha




4. OLDER WOMEN ARE MOSTLY WELL ESTABLISHED CAREER-WISE. Nothing kills romance faster than a man that has to bear all the burdens. The younger woman is entitled. The age factor impresses it on a man to be the provider. This is 2020. No one should kill themselves. The older woman is usually financially stable. She owns her own property, investments, business etc etc. If you are willing, both of you can work together to build something formidable.



5. OLDER WOMEN ARE MOSTLY WELL PUT TOGETHER. At a certain age, the woman has her style worked out. She has established her beauty routines, understands hygiene and developed a sense of style. She is not all over the place jumping from one ill thought out trend to another. In fact, she will not embarrass the man.



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6. OLDER WOMEN THESE DAYS AGE WELL. I will never forget what one of my neighbour’s said. We were talking about our mothers when they were our ages… late 30s upwards. My friend said “Our mamas were too quick to tie wrappers.” Our mothers embraced what it meant to be a wife and mother in those days. My nanny’s mother is younger than I am but she carries herself like she is a grandmother. Most modern women these days are not this way. We look as good as we looked 20 years ago. We are the proverbial fine wine. So older men need not fear. The older woman may be older but she is not old.




Older women: 10 reasons why young men should date them - Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha



7. OLDER WOMEN ARE GREAT PARTNERS. Older women give great advice. They have lived long enough to guide their men away from some things. Also, they give meaningful business advice. They have honed their female instincts sharply over time and a wise young man will benefit greatly from this. Younger women may be more fixated on discussing and analysing the feelings and emotions of the relationship. Older women have the wherewithal to get that man to fix his shit. If you will swallow your pride, you will soar.



8. OLDER WOMEN DO NOT PLAY GAMES. Look, time has gone. A child is a child. A child has time to grow up. Where a woman is young, she can play all the mind games and cat and mouse that she wants. She can balance a legion of men and play them like bag pipes. With an older woman, that ship has sailed. She wants stability and she is willing to lay all her love and devotion and loyalty on you. One little advice though. If you still want to play games, don’t do it with the older woman. You will not win.



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9. OLDER WOMEN CAN BE SUBSERVIENT. One big mistake men make is that they really think that a young naïve girl is what they need. They think that she will worship them and be too afraid to talk back… Have you met the young women of these days? Just reading the word ‘subservient’ is already making their bodies itch. An older woman is not coerced or bullied into submission or serving. She chooses to and does it with style. She is mature enough to be agreeable and will lift you high when your friends are there. Furthermore, she will not throw disgraceful tantrums.



Older women: 10 reasons why young men should date them - Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha




10. OLDER WOMEN ARE HUMAN TOO. There is nothing that hurts me more than the allusion that because a woman is older; she is expired. She has sat on the shelf too long and so is no longer useful. Older women are just as deserving of love from all quarters. Older women give birth. And older women love back. Older women desire to be happy. In the words of Don Williams.




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Oh don’t you lose that light in your eyes.



You’re never too old to love



It’s never too late to try.



So, there! I have done it. I hope young men will read this and open their minds to older women. And between you and me, No 10 really is the only valid point.

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