Olu of Warri: How needless praise and worship ruined a perfect coronation – Seye Olaniyonu

Olu of Warri: How needless praise and worship ruined a perfect coronation – Seye Olaniyonu

For ninety-days, the new Olu of Warri, Tsola Emiko, was in Idaniken (a routine ritual before his coronation).


However, he almost ruined the ceremony which took place recently by embarking on a surprising round of praise and worship. One thing is sure, the Olu of Warri did not distinguish himself with his actions. He must have sat down quietly, while the men performed the necessary rites, as it was done 200 years.


Perhaps, the young monarch, to assuage his friend and family that he is still a man of faith despite the rites, decided to drop some praise and worship during the coronation.


While being a king does not mean relinquishing one’s faith; however, when you seek a traditional position or throne, it is only expected that you respect the stool. Strong stools like the Oba of Benin, Oni of Ife, Alaafin and many others are highly spiritual and traditional. Why not give unto Caesar what is due unto Caesar?


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Olu of Warri


The Olu fought hard for that stool. In fact, other Princes are challenging his occupancy of the throne in court; while some even resorted to stealing the Crown in a bid to stop the coronation.


If an Emir should shout Allahu Akbar during his coronation, it would be acceptable because that Emirate is built on that religion. But the tradition of Warri has not changed. While nothing is fixed forever, until it changes, that stool is established on Warri tradition.


While the two religions can co-exist, that day was for the Warri tradition. There was no need to divide the stage. Of course, all glory goes to His creator that allowed him to ascend the throne. However, his creator has equally helped him to be the custodian of a rival god.


Significantly, the Olu of Warri is not the first one to toe this path.


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Olu of Warri


The Ooni of Ife, Enitan Adewusi also had his dilemma. He is even married to a Christian prophetess. As more young and educated people are ascending thrones, the issue of tradition will be challenged. Indeed, this could be the first move by the Olu to change the tradition.


It is the same way the Queen or King of England cannot be a Catholic, because the stool is rooted in the Church of England, where she is the head of the Church.


If the Olu feels that the tradition has to be changed, it must be democratic. The people must accept it first before embarking on changing it. Although some argued that these new monarchs display inferiority complex when they jettison tradition for their faiths; this argument is faulty because this is a matter of conflict of faiths. This is not about following the footsteps of the whites. Nigerians are highly religious people.


But the Olu of Warri sure knows about the tradition before choosing to take the stool.


Nevertheless, the pageantry displayed at the coronation was absolutely marvelous and breath-taking. That rich culture should be preserved by all means necessary; including opposing any attempt to dilute it with praise and worship.

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  1. Yemi

    Seye, this attempt by you to knock the spontaneous praise and worship that issued forth from the new monarch, is unnecessary. The young monarch did the coronation the way he wanted it. What’s your own?


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