Omobola Johnson: Former Minister recalls son’s near death experience with SARS

Omobola Johnson: Former Minister recalls son’s near death experience with SARS

Dr. Omobola Johnson, a former minister of Information and Communication in the administration of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in Nigeria; has disclosed how her child nearly was nearly slaughtered before her home.

In a tweet posted on Saturday on the side of the #EndSarsProtests; she also uncovered that her child was hailed by SARS agents; as well as blamed for sauntering before their home. The experience might likewise have cost her child his life; as the official took steps to shoot him as he endeavored to clarify that he lived in the house.


The former minister’s revelation also came as a reaction to a tweet by another Nigerian Twitter user; one who, equally important, claimed that he was abducted by SARS operatives; at a location about two minutes away from his house.

Many Nigerians have likewise shared similar experiences. Some of them being direct victims; while others losing friends and loved ones. Many celebrities have also joined the protest. Foreign celebrities just as well.
So far, no clear progressive step yet; instead resistances in some areas.
Dr. Omobola’s experience is also like what numerous youthful Nigerians have partaken in ongoing past. The #EndSars fight expects to stop such occurence; as well as experiences.

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