On President Tinubu; Nigerians, It Is Time To Hit The Ground Running — Ella Temisan

On President Tinubu; Nigerians, It Is Time To Hit The Ground Running — Ella Temisan

Nigerians would never cease to amaze me. Before Buhari became president, he promised us change but we did not ask what kind of change he was referring to. Well, Ex-president Buhari delivered on his promise, the change he brought may not have been positive but we definitely saw a change. Now, the newly inaugurated president Bola Ahmed Tinubu promised to hit the ground running, and as usual, no questions were asked.

Now guess who is running? You and me. These days, if people are not running out of the country, they are running around looking for fuel to survive.

Maybe next time we will learn how to ask the right questions because I am sure a lot of us were not expecting to literally be running with our legs since we can no longer afford the increased cost of transportation.

Let me even say a huge congratulations to all Nigerians, especially the APC supporters on the newly inaugurated president. The speed which Bola Ahmed Tinubu used in becoming president is the kind of speed I wish you all in life.

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Before the case was settled in court, he already received his certificate of inauguration. Before seeing his presidential villa and office, he already implemented his first policy as president. We all need this kind of speed. Maybe we can even tap into it as we run.

Just so it is clear, I am not against the new administration and I think it is too early to find faults especially since the fuel subsidy removal is an effective strategy that even Peter Obi considered.

My issue lies in the motive behind making such an announcement without putting policies in place to manage the outcome. Surely a man with experience should know the impact of his words especially when said on such a huge platform.

A man that loves Nigeria so much and is eager to start working could have announced a policy to reduce the cost of governance or even announced that he would be forfeiting his salary as President for a year in order to generate more money for the economy.

I am shocked that the first policy to be implemented is one that affects only ordinary citizens and leaves the members of the upper echelon untouched.

Anyways, one thing we know how to do as Nigerians is survive. While we are at it, I would like to know whether those APC supporters have a secret WhatsApp group where they are taught how to convert water into fuel.

I noticed they have been quiet on social media and I hope they are not spending their days in filing stations. It would be a shame to learn that they are suffering the same fate.

We have coconut heads in this country. This time around I can not even sympathize with anybody. Let everybody just carry their cross in peace because we misused our opportunity to change history.

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