Ondo Govt restates call for state policing to curb insecurity

Ondo Govt restates call for state policing to curb insecurity

The Federal Government has been urged by the Ondo State Government to promote the creation of state police across the nation.

This decision was made at the inaugural 2022 Law Week of the Nigerian Bar Association, Ondo Branch; which was held in Ondo town, on Sunday, July 3, 2022.

Specifically, the call came from the state’s Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice; Sir Charles Titiloye, who spoke on behalf of Governor Akeredolu.

Further, he emphasized that each state of the federation having its own policies will go a long way toward resolving the country’s persistent security issue.

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The event’s theme was “Corruption and insecurity as a threat to Nigeria’s democracy.”

Equally important, the AGF said, “the overwhelming national insecurity cum attacks and sophisticated weapons used by terrorists and criminal elements in the country requires a prompt, efficient, decentralised and localised policing response.”

He commended the Supreme Court for rising to the occasion recently;  taking steps aimed at protecting the integrity of the court and judiciary as a whole.

At the occasion, speaking on the topic; ‘The role of the court in electoral process and the time bomb of Section 84 (12) of the Electoral Act, 2022,’ a human rights activist and lawyer, Chief Femi Falana, SAN; said there was a need for judges and lawyers to save the judicial system of the country; stressing that judges and lawyers had vital roles to play in the sanitization of the judicial system of the country.

Falana said, “We must now get to the stage where lawyers are referred to the disciplinary committee for discipline when it is obvious; particularly, the senior lawyers are trying to ridicule the profession. We must begin to deal with ourselves. Only a few judges up there have the confidence and courage to call a senior advocate to order. So, we must call ourselves to order in this country.

“We, as lawyers, have a duty to save our country. Criminals are apprehended every day by the police. The Ministry of Justice, I beg you, whenever a criminal suspect is paraded in OndO; you must contact the Commissioner of Police to ask for the case file and then charge the person to court.”

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