One Millions Boys: Are they really up to one million? – Peju Akande

One Millions Boys: Are they really up to one million? – Peju Akande



In these days of COVID-19 with a lockdown and rumours of one million boys raiding entire communities; we have learned not to sleep too deeply…even in the afternoons.



It was just a few minutes past noon when we received info that some boys numbering more than 60-70; were attacking residents in Oworo. Oworo residents are neighbours to those of us within the Anthony/Mende axis. We immediately called the DPO in that area; even though we suspected that the police there must have been mobilized.



A while later when we called for situation report; we were told Oworo residents had come out en masse against the hoodlums. They came with their cutlasses, knives, anything that could do damage; they came out as one to defend their territorial integrity, to defend their wives and children; ensure their property and their lives were not wasted by these so-called one million boys; who want to take advantage of a helpless situation in which we’ve all found ourselves in.



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One Millions Boys: Are they really up to one million? - Peju Akande




What did the one million boys do?





They took to their heels and went hunting for more vulnerable victims!




About 45 minutes later, Anthony Village residents felt their presence. We heard doors slamming, running feet and shouts of – “They have entered Anthony oooo.




“They are robbing that super market there!”




‘‘Who? What!’’


‘‘The one million boys!”


‘’What now? In broad daylight?


Aww crap!




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Here’s my theory about these one million boys. I know the police say the one million boys is a rumour and problem they have dealt with; but you see when fear overwhelms you, it magnifies the ordinary.




One Millions Boys: Are they really up to one million? - Peju Akande





The fear that comes when you are attacked so brazenly by boys who on a normal day; you could give a thorough beating, one small shori area boy would look like five before you; add that to over 50 boys and that one million boys gist begins to look like the reality!



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In broad daylight, they attacked the supermarket in Anthony village; in broad daylight, we all scampered indoors, yes, we were already indoors, but we ran deeper into our rooms. And on our way, we remembered to fasten the doors and burglary proofing we had already secured.



We fastened them tighter, leaning our weights against it to test its sturdiness. We pulled the curtains and we sat down; huddled in fear as we called the police station responsible for our area.



Our estate has security guards but you see, they are just security guards in name only. They wear uniforms and impressive shiny boots and they can salute you from here to tomorrow. But that is all they do, yes and they open gates, too.




One Millions Boys: Are they really up to one million? - Peju Akande




We put them as security guards but we didn’t arm them; no weapons, not even sticks to fight!




At the sound of a gunshot from the police that responded to our distress call; our security guards bolted into the gate houses and shut windows with a loud snap!




Who wan die?



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I laughed at our situation; because really, these robbers have to be one million to dare attack in broad daylight. Attack, knowing the police were nearby, attack knowing they would be caught and probably jailed and killed.



Their brazen attitude magnified them in our eyes; even though, they just might range between 40 to 70 in number. They looked like lot more because we had nothing to fight back with. We have nothing to stop their blows and cudgels, nothing to stand against their vicious attacks against us; except to call the police and hope to God the RRS, actually live up to their name and respond swiftly!




Thankfully, this time, they did before much damage was done!





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