Opeyemi Aiyeola: ‘Better to marry single mum than pretentious single lady who has done many abortions’

Opeyemi Aiyeola: ‘Better to marry single mum than pretentious single lady who has done many abortions’

Nollywood actress, Opeyemi Aiyeola has admonished men to marry single mothers rather than end up with pretentious single ladies who have done several abortions.

Opeyemi Aiyeola has shared her thoughts about marriage with a single mother and women who have gone through abortions.


According to the actress, it is better to marry a truthful single mom than a pretentious single lady that has done many abortions. She went on to describe women who have gone through the abortion process as “mother of graves”.


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Opeyemi wrote;


“Better marry a truthful after 2 or 3 or more than marry a lady with 7 abortions pretending to be an angel yet she’s a mother of grave…..unknown”




The actress who is currently based in the US with her family spoke about life as a married in a recent interview.


On how marriage affected her career, she said;

I relocated for marital reasons. When I left for the UK; building a family together with my husband was my priority.

I feel there is always time for everything; nothing else was more important to me than my family.

After raising my children, I thought the time was right for me to come back, so I came back to Nigeria to do more movies.  I discussed it with my husband and he was in support; I tried to pick up from where I left.

The marriage had a great effect on my career because I left at a time when things were getting better in the industry, in terms of endorsements, and the likes.

In my book, there is always a price to pay for everything. It costs some people money and some their career; it is all about sacrifice.

Considering my age, when I got married, doing that and having children was more important to me at the time. I won’t crucify or judge anybody for their choices, it is an individual race”.

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