Oral sex with dogs, paternity fraud saga: What exactly is going on in Nigeria? – Seye Olaniyonu

Oral sex with dogs, paternity fraud saga: What exactly is going on in Nigeria? – Seye Olaniyonu

Over the past couple of days, news coming out of Nigeria is nothing other than that akin to developments in the Wild West of yore; with the latest trend of some ladies now deploying their pets, especially dogs, for oral sex; or in more graphic terms, allowing their pets to lick their private parts.


This is coming amid a noticeable explosion in cases or allegations of paternity fraud.


We are at a time when eating cucumber in a lady’s fridge is a risky affair. Indeed, the indiscretions of some adventurous Nigerian ladies have now made it hard to look at a cucumber with the innocence required in assessing a mere fruit.


Let us retrace our steps to how the latest saga blew up. A few days ago, 1st News had reported on what is now being considered as the latest trend among some ladies. A video of a dog feasting its wet tongue on a lady’s privates had emerged on social media. Not long after the video started trending and just before the 1st News’ report was published, popular singer, Harrysong had disclosed that a conversation with a friend had revealed that the act of dogs being used for oral sex was now the in-thing among ladies.


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Oral sex between some females and their pets: the new trend?


Oral sex with dogs? That dog in your lady friend’s house could jolly well be a “side boyfriend.”


Ordinarily, one would dismiss the gist dropped by Harrysong, but unfortunately, bestiality is not new. We have heard stories of such relationships. But here is the danger; in the world of the internet and social media, it could become popularized and normalized.


Anything could be ‘choice’ today, and the word ‘phobia’ could be slammed on it; to deter anyone from having a dissenting opinion despite the health risk attached to the practice. You could get cancelled for “bestiaphobia” if you dare to speak up. What the heck is going on? Nothing but the unintended consequences of the liberal ideology and attempt to curmudgeon the world in line.


Indeed, if a popular celebrity should openly come out to identify as being in an intimate relationship with his/her dog; it could become a trend. That is the danger with social media. It has the capacity to amplify anything, no matter how bizarre.


Social media and celebrities created the drug epidemic we are seeing today. Some musicians in Nigeria glamorized prescribed narcotics like codeine, refnol and other cough syrups.  Kim Kardashian literally blew- to use the Nigerian application –  after her sex tape with Ray J. This is not an attempt to downplay the significance of her success. But we have a world that rewards what was once assumed as bad behaviour.


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Oral sex


Normal is now boring. You have to be different and unique, even though your attempt could have implications on the overall wellbeing of the social fabric. In fact, in the world of “don’t judge,” anything is acceptable. As long as it is not affecting anyone. Unfortunately, it is affecting all of us. In as much as we accept the imperfection of the universe; this distortion of natural order and gagging of debate on them is sickening.


In South Africa, there is an attempt to pass a law legalizing polyandry. Despite the impracticality of this law, moronic explanations can be seen on social media. If men are doing it, why can’t women too. Good luck with that.


Which could explain the audacity of Uzoamaka Ohiri; the ex-wife of Chinedu Ani Emmanuel of Wazobia FM, to justify her paternity fraud. She claimed that her husband “assumed” that her first son, conceived and given birth to while in wedlock, is his.


You know, how foolish is it for a husband to just assume that a child by his wife is his? Thank goodness for the little thing called DNA test.


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Personally, there is no need to cry for men on the issue of fidelity. Men have ruled that world since the beginning of time. The law in most parts of the world is very biased toward men. It gladdens the heart to see that men are being given a dose of their own poison.


However, moronic justification is the main issue. Do your bestiality, freaky sex romp, infidelity and others, but don’t normalize it. None of this is normal.


We have normalized men wearing female clothes; with popular crossdresser Bobrisky now a role model to quite a number of young men who want fame. At what point are we allowed to say; ‘hold on, this is not acceptable’.


If the husband of Tega, the disgraced BBNaija participant, finds the exploits of her wife acceptable to him; that is his business, but we cannot as a society justify and glamorize morally decadent behaviour.


The world today is going to the dogs (no pun intended) but we must not stand by and watch it happen.

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