Orezi advises men on what to do before taking ladies on dates

Orezi advises men on what to do before taking ladies on dates

Singer Orezi has taken to social media to drop a few pointers to men as they prep to take women out on dates.

The singer penned a lengthy note to men on his social media page, giving them pointers for a smooth date.

He advised men to do a thorough research of date locations; before deciding to take a lady there in order to avoid embarrassment. The singer revealed that there are places that fit each person’s budget; even as he urged men to do their homework.

He shared that a budget is important in date locations; and explained that his advice is for men who live and survive on a budget. He explained that men who are financially capable have nothing to worry about; but men on budgets should do adequate research and find date locations that fit their budget; because there is always one. He explained that certain restaurants charge based on locations and not the food they serve and research will help a man find such places.

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In other news, a video is making the rounds on social media that reveals the moment actor Charles Okocha goes crazy; after spotting his daughter inside a car with a man who allegedly “wanted to jazz her”.

According to reports surrounding the video, it’s alleged that Charles Okocha was fed with information; that the guy in question who took his daughter out, allegedly wanted to “jazz” his daughter during their outing.

In the video that was shared, the actor is first seen walking up to the vehicle and pulling a young lady, supposedly his daughter, out of the car; before going berserk and throwing a tantrum at the scene, swearing to deal with the guy who took his daughter.

After pacing and shouting for some time, the actor is seen grabbing a shovel and then begins to smash the guy’s windscreen into pieces. An Instagram user, @brodamike1 who got a hold of the video, shared it on his page while reacting to it.

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