Oshiomhole: PDP Women Leader blasts former Edo Gov in letter, accuses him of creating godfatherism in state

Oshiomhole: PDP Women Leader blasts former Edo Gov in letter, accuses him of creating godfatherism in state

Just hours after the suspension of Adams Oshiomhole as the National Chairman of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC); on Tuesday, June 16, a prominent politician from Edo State has launched a scathing critique of the former Governor.

Josephine Anenih, the former National Women Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) pilloried Oshiomhole via a letter tagged; “Comrade Adams Oshiomole: Beware of your Waterloo.”

Anenih accused the APC chieftain of putting his selfish interests ahead of the needs of the Edo citizenry.

“I have observed with growing concern the state of politics in Edo State. I had to this point remained silent, as I assumed, wrongly; that reason would prevail and the interests of Edo people and Edo state would be put ahead of any other consideration, personal or partisan,” Anenih stated in the incendiary letter made available to 1st News on Wednesday.

According to the Women Leader, Oshiomhole birthed the godfatherism which has plagued Edo State; ever since the expiration of his tenure as the governor.

“If Adams Oshiomhole had retired in 2016 after his tenure as Governor of Edo State; he would have been remembered in Edo State for one thing and one thing only; that he waged a war against ‘godfatherism’ and won. 

“That would have been his legacy. It is perplexing, then, that he seems to have removed one godfather just to turn around and attempt to crown himself the latest godfather in town,” the letter reads.

Anenih also queried the rationale behind the party conspiracy against incumbent Godwin Obaseki.

Obaseki was ruled out of contesting the primaries under the platform of the APC. However, his disqualification has been attributed to his misunderstandings with Oshiomhole.

This has led to rumblings that he may defect to the opposition PDP; in a bid to gain a second tenure in office.

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However, Anenih blamed politicking for the travails surrounding Obaseki’s removal.

“Not one person has given me a good reason why Obaseki was chased out of their Party. They all agree he performed; they all agree he stopped giving public funds to private individuals; … all agree he relegated thuggery; fought the trafficking of women and children; empowered women; and invested in education and healthcare for the most vulnerable members of society.

“But it is sadly the nature of our politics, that performance is secondary to patronage. But even if that is the case, it is not reason enough to burn Edo State to the ground. I have seen videos of thugs celebrating the ejection of Gov. Obaseki from the APC. Thugs are publicly rejoicing that Government House and markets and motor parks will soon belong once again to them.”

She further recalled how the former Labour leader pledged to end thuggery and godfatherism in the state during a speech in 2009.

The suspended APC chairman purportedly said, “We must do away with godfathers. We do not need to go to Uromi to decide who becomes a councillor or a member of the house. When you buried a godfather you don’t do it in a day you must continue until you finally kill the godfather.”

The letter further lampooned the hypocrisy amongst the APC party apparatchik who via their petty squabbles, threatened the stability of Edo State.

“Removing a performing sitting Governor is the height of recklessness and disregard for the interest and success of APC by its own National Chairman, but that is the APC’s business. If they choose to destroy their Party, so be it.

“However, it is a different matter entirely if that recklessness is brought to Edo State and results in the loss of life of any Edo resident, or a regression in the progress the state is making under Obaseki. As an Edo man, why would the APC National Chairman want to destabilise his own State that is being competently run by his nominee?”

She further lauded the performance of Obaseki, claiming the citizenry will vote for him irrespective of any party he joins.

“As an Edo resident I will testify that Governor Obaseki has delivered good governance to the State. If Obaseki gets the ticket from PDP, Edo people will vote for him.”

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