Our children are going mad! – Peju Akande

Our children are going mad! – Peju Akande



You may have noticed the growing number of teenagers, children, in actual fact, caught with charms; or while carrying out some kind of ritual, all with one objective, to make quick money.


The rush to “make it,” to “hammer” is slowly making our young ones mad, I mean, stark raving bonkers.


Kids who shouldn’t have to be bothered with acquiring stupendous wealth are killing, stealing; dabbling into charms and all manner of get rich quick schemes! Let’s face it, any means of acquiring wealth without hard work, acquisition of skills, knowledge and dedication is ill-gotten.


I saw a video of three teenagers, mere babies, the types my mother would describe as “not being old enough to even know their own mothers”…These little boys who claimed to be 15, 14 and 16 years (they look a lot younger than they say they are but let’s even go with what they claim). These babies said they left their parents in Delta state to go learn “yahoo-yahoo hustle” in Edo state after being pursued from the place they lived in by the person who hitherto had cared for them.

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These children are recruits for the worst kinds of minds on the prowl.


Again, in the news last week, So-Safe, the security outfit of the Ogun state government arrested a student; 17-year-old Kamoli Bankole for wearing charms around his waist. The local charm, known as “igbadi,” was worn under the boy’s school uniform. He caught the security outfit’s attention when they saw him drinking and smoking. This happened while he was still in school uniform in the “jungle” as reported.


Pray, what is a schoolboy doing with charms? While it may be argued that the boy had a right to wear as much juju on his person as he likes; after all, there’s freedom of religion in Nigeria. If the Muslim is allowed his tesbiu and the Catholic his rosary; why not a nice little waist charm for our boy?


Well, it wouldn’t have mattered if he hadn’t been caught in the jungle; smoking and gambling and committing “criminal activities’ ‘ in his school uniform as reported; maybe we would have just let him waka pass and put it all to childishness.


Then, there is the video of some young men in the eastern part of the country said to be yahoo-yahoo boys; eating their own shit in public! All for money!



Let’s not forget too quickly the murder of Rofiat by her teenage boyfriend, 18-year-old Soliu Majekodunmi. Soliu had lured Rofiat to his room somewhere in Oke Aregna, Abeokuta, Ogun state; where he held her down and asked one of his friends to slaughter her. He needed her for a money ritual. They were caught burning the skull of the victim and arrested by the police where they began to sing like canaries.


So, what happened to hard work?


First off, where are the parents of these little rascals? They are busy with life, after all, they must eat and if their children bring in the dough; who’s to say they shouldn’t eat and enjoy it? Where is the fear children used to have of parents when caught doing wrong? Fear has dissolved with parents becoming cheerleaders; telling their children instead to “do” as their fraudulent mates have done, build a house, bring money for food.


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Where is the community watch, those who condemned bad behavior where the family failed? They are new the social media crowd cheering them on; not asking how they became big boys and girls overnight showing off stupendous wealth.



This is madness!



You can’t kill another human being, burn their skull and expect to be normal going forward.



You can’t eat your own shit and be regarded as normal.



In fact, you can’t use human parts in any form of ritual and expect to sleep normal, live normal, have a normal family…It can’t happen.




But here’s my point, if quick riches were such a good thing, how come everyone isn’t on that wagon?

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There are too many examples around us to tell these children that money made through diabolical means gives no lasting joy, no peace or promised happiness. If the end result of acquiring quick wealth is peace, enjoyment, to live well…it won’t happen! Like someone wondered, how come the people encouraging them to dabble into these rituals are not even rich themselves?



The herbalists who send them on these errands of human parts for money isn’t living in stupendous wealth. So, why would anyone think they can make them rich?



Like they say on social media, “no bi juju bi dat?”



No, it’s actually madness!

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