Oyo gets new Deputy Gov after Olaniyan’s impeachment

Oyo gets new Deputy Gov after Olaniyan’s impeachment

The candidacy of Bayo Lawal as the state’s deputy governor has received approval from the Oyo State House of Assembly.

After removing Rauf Olaniyan from his position as the state’s deputy governor; lawmakers in the state approved the measure on Monday afternoon, July 18, 2022.

The lawmakers impeached Olaniyan Over allegations of misconduct.

Following the presentation and consideration of the seven-member panel’s report; which was formed by Chief Judge Munta Abimbola to look into charges of serious misconduct and abuse of authority against him; the parliamentarians decided to impeach him.

According to the assembly, impeachment is effective right away.

Majority Leader of the House, Hon. Sanjo Adedoyin presented the committee’s report during Monday’s plenary; with the report revealing that the seven-member panel found the Oyo Deputy Governor guilty of all charges brought against him.

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The panel’s recommendations were approved by all 23 PDP members present at the session.

The team of investigators was established last week to look into at least five claims made in a petition against Olaniyan.

Olaniyan and Governor Seyi Makinde were both elected to government in 2019 on the PDP platform. But over time, the two became estranged from one another.

This year, the differences between both men and their working relationship deteriorated and became virtually irreconcilable. This came when the Oyo Deputy Governor dumped the PDP for the All Progressives Congress.

Meanwhile, according to Professor Wole Soyinka; Ajibola Ige, the murdered Minister of Justice; spoke during the recently held gubernatorial election in Osun State from beyond the grave.

The well-known playwright claims that the result of the Osun governorship election is a lesson that applies to other areas of legitimate public expectations, equity, and just entitlements.

Soyinka, said in a brief statement on Sunday, July 17, that those who plotted to give Ige’s destroyers undeserved national notoriety, insult living people’s memory, and ignore fundamental ethical principles had received due compensation.

“One despairs but continues to hope that there are still receptive minds in which such lessons will germinate.

“If we may adapt a wise saying from the ancients: the beast of burden, nicknamed Equity, ambles its mined course to destination but, sooner or later, that donkey arrives,” Soyinka buttressed his assertions.


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