Padita Agu clocks 40 (PHOTOS)

Padita Agu clocks 40 (PHOTOS)

Nollywood actress, Padita Agu clocked 40 on Tuesday, October 13.


The mother of one had a photoshoot and has shared some of the beautiful photos on her Instagram page to mark her day.


Sharing the photos on Instagram, here is what she wrote;


20 years an ACTOR

40 years a WOMAN


See the photos below.


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Padita Agu is a talented Nollywood actress with one daughter.

According to the actress, she discovered her acting talent at the age of 5. Here is what she during an interview;

“Acting has been and is still an inborn passion. I joined drama clubs at every level while I was growing up. I am my own number one critic. However, I do admire a lot of my senior colleagues.”

Here is what she said about the early stages of her career;

“As a five-year-old, I discovered I could draw, sculpt, dance and sing. I was able to mimic people and since then, my life has revolved around one art/drama event or the other. My first movie role was in Teco Benson’s Formidable Force. I played a nurse and it was a waka pass role . It was my first audition in Lagos. I was so jittery and you could see the script shaking in my arms. After reading, I was sure I would not get a role in that movie.”


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