Pamela Adie says TB Joshua harmed the LGBTQ community

Pamela Adie says TB Joshua harmed the LGBTQ community

Nigerian gay rights activist, Pamela Adie has reacted to the death of prominent preacher, Prophet TB Joshua.


1st News confirmed on Sunday, June 6 that the founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nation, SCOAN, TB Joshua died on Saturday, June 5.


Pamela Adie, a popular figure in the LGBTQ community has taken to social media to make snide remarks about the late man of God.


In a Facebook post, Pamela Adie stated that the preacher did more harm than good for the LGBTQ community.


Adie claimed that the charismatic pastor/televangelist died while on his way to the hospital while many camped at his church waiting for him to heal them.


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She also stated that while many might feel the impact of his death, she is indifferent about it because according to her, TB Joshua ’caused a lot of harm to many people especially LGBTQ folks on who he conducted ‘conversion’ therapy on, which she also claimed never worked.’


Here is what Adie wrote;

I can understand if TB Joshua was your pastor and you’re mourning him.
He wasn’t my pastor so I’m under no obligation whatsoever to mourn him.
What I don’t understand and will not accept is those saying “it’s not the right time” to comment on his atrocities.
When is it ever the “right time” to hold these evil people accountable?
When they’re alive, their followers will tell you “touch not my anointed”, when they die, they’ll say “ allow the family mourn”.
What about the grave injustices they committed?
Those who lost their lives because of their lies and deception?
When will be the right time for them to get justice or even be heard?
She continued;

TB Joshua was a harmful man who is responsible for the death of so many of the desperate and gullible people who went to him to seek help at their lowest points.

He took advantage of them and they lost their lives.
Countless stories of people who died in the synagogue waiting for anointing oil and miracle water to work.
People who had AIDS and other serious illnesses stopped taking their medication because they believed he could cure them.
Of course, they eventually died.
What about the time when his building collapsed and over 100 people died.
What happened?
His defense was that a strange plan flew over the building before it collapsed, so it was an attack.”
Read the concluding part of the post below.

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