Pamela Anderson reveals her sexcapades with ex Tommy Lee and Julian Assange

Pamela Anderson reveals her sexcapades with ex Tommy Lee and Julian Assange

Actress Pamela Anderson has revealed she indulged in nonstop sex with her ex-husband Tommy Lee and also had ‘frisky’ nights with Julian Assange.

The 55-year-old actress has written a shocking autobiography in which she discusses her tumultuous life in the spotlight. She also reveals that dancing with an 80-year-old was her steamiest experience.

In the book, Pamela shared that the gentle and firm way she danced the tango with the old man was the most ‘sensual experience she’d ever had’.

She added the encounter took place during a trip to Buenos Aires in Argentina when she was in her 20s. She added that the feeling of being led by a ‘true man’ was ‘something she’d never felt’.

“It changed me, and I’ve never forgotten it,” Pamela wrote.

Pamela has written a candid new memoir titled ‘Love, Pamela’, which was published on Tuesday. The actress has insisted that she wrote the entire book herself without enlisting a ghostwriter.

She also described in the book how the horrifying sexual assault she endured as a child affected her view of relationships as an adult. She reveals that after being abused, she was persuaded to believe that in order to have sex with someone, she had to be in love with them, which caused her to hurry into marriages.

In 1995, Pamela married Motley Crew rocker Tommy four days after their initial encounter. They later had two boys before getting divorced in 1998.

She married Kid Rock in 2006, but split four months later. Afterwards, she tied the knot with Rick Salamon twice in 2007 and 2014.

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In 2020 she wed producer Jon Peters, but their marriage lasted less than two weeks. In December of the same year, she wed Dan Hayhurst, but their marriage only lasted a year.

Pamela acknowledged that her first marriage to Tommy was the first time she had ever been truly in love. She also confessed that, following their wedding, they often spent hours in bed together.

Pamela and Tommy made love even when she was in the hospital for a burst ovarian cyst and hooked up to a drip. The pair’s marriage was rocked by an infamous sex tape of herself and Tommy that was leaked online in 1995.

Pamela writes extensively in her book on her friendship with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who is currently defying extradition to the US in Belmarsh prison.

Pamela frequently visited Julian when he was seeking asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy for seven years.

She reveals one specific evening they spent together. Without providing any other information, she stated that they had “a bit frisky, enjoyable, alcohol-induced night together”; while drinking a bottle of the Mexican liqueur mezcal at the embassy.

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