Parenting: Daddy guide to avoid baby mama drama

Parenting: Daddy guide to avoid baby mama drama



Parenting is no doubt one of the rewarding jobs in the world. However, it can be trickier when parents separate or divorce.


Children often bear the brunt of this separation as parents push and pull, but in order to have a successful co-parenting relationship, both parents must be willing to work together and make compromises.


If you one parent is pushing for a middle ground and the other is not, it will eventually lead to disappointment, frustration and stress.



So here are tips for men to be better baby daddies and avoid baby drama:


1. Release the emotional baggage

If the relationship did not end mutually then ensure that you first settle your scores before you decide to actively be in the life of your child.

This will ensure that you will not fight in front of the kid or start playing the blame game. Stop rehashing it and let go of the past – remember that you’re doing this for your child.


2. Give the mommy some time for herself

Once you have created a strong bond with your child it is always important to spend some time just alone with him/her. Let the mother be or remain behind as you head out with your child.



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3. Be affectionate with your baby

Especially as they get older. Kids need love, but they don’t understand the word “love” on any level.

Hugging them, snuggling them, and kissing them makes them feel loved. It’s a basic way human communicate love, but some fathers feel awkward showing love in this way. Get over it.

A kid needs to feel loved, always, and you have within your power a guaranteed way to make them know they’re loved.

4. Be consistent father

Don’t just drop in and demand to see your child at any given time. Plan for it and ensure that you stick to the plan.

An inconsistent baby daddy is more than an inconvenience, its major dysfunction that negatively affects a mother, and worse, robs a child of the added developmental support structure that helps a kid grow up the right way.


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5. If you say it, mean it

Your word is your worth especially if you don’t stay with the child. If you promise it, mean it. If you don’t mean it, then don’t say it. Always stick to what you said or promised either to do for the kid or for the baby mama depending on the situation. This way, you will earn much respect from her and therefore no drama.


6. Learn how to say No!

In as much as you want the best for your kid, sometimes baby mamas can be nagging and petty for no apparent reason.

Therefore, to avoid the unnecessary requests from her, learn to say no and stick to your ground. However, while at it be reasonable. Don’t just say ‘No’ for the sake of it or for selfish reasons. Always remember to put your child’s interest first.

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