Chris Oyakhilome recants 5G as anti-Christ agenda

Chris Oyakhilome recants 5G as anti-Christ agenda

Several days after stating that the implementation of the 5G Network is an agenda of the Anti-Christ agenda; Pastor Chris Oyakhilome seems to have backtracked on his comments.


On Sunday, April 12 during his online service; Pastor Chris stated that he was not trying to condemn the recent technological development. Instead, he wanted his listeners to take heed.


This is coming after he delivered an in-depth analysis on how Coronavirus is affiliated with 5G Network.


For further clarification, 5G is the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies supporting cellular data networks.


Several weeks ago, 1st News reported earlier that Pastor Chris stated that Coronavirus was created to instil fear in people who will embrace 5G as a way of escaping the pandemic.


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However, in recent Live teaching, the Loveworld Ministries founder described himself as a technology enthusiast. He disclosed that he was concerned about 5G because of its health implication and also because he is into the healing ministry.


Pastor Chris further added that researching on the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies makes him want to use it, but he was also concerned that regulators seemed not to care much about its health implication.


He said;


“I have to look at my calling as a priority and I’m into the healing ministry. You may be a pastor or a minister and not be into the healing ministry, this may not concern you.”

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