Pastor Kumuyi says Nigeria will fly again

Pastor Kumuyi says Nigeria will fly again

Pastor Kumuyi, the founder of the church, Deeper Life Ministry has admonished Nigerians to never give up on the country yet, because one day the nation will fly again.


Pastor William Kumuyi, has urged Nigerians not to give up on the country, saying Nigeria would fly again.


Speaking with journalists at his church on Sunday, April 25, the clergyman said;

“What God does for an individual He does it for the family, and what He does for the community, He can do for the country.

The point is these people that received this divine touch did not give up, did not think it all over, they knew that God can still do something, the country would have to adopt that same mindset, and know that whatever we are going through stop accusing this and accusing that while we are pointing accusing fingers we are trying to say let you be on you own and let me be on my own; let the East go and let the West go, and this one go.”


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The statement reads further;

If we are thinking like that we will not expect the solution God wants to give us but when we have hope and we know yet we have gone through some deep waters things are going to change, our God has the possibility to make things change. I believe that we will fly again.

And I believe and declare things will become better for our country, things are going to turnaround and we will still remain in life to enjoy the goodness of the Lord for our families and ourselves in the same country, and we are going to raise our heads and say this is my country, and God will do it and we will live to see the fulfillment.”

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