Pastor nabbed unclad trying to have sex with married woman

Pastor nabbed unclad trying to have sex with married woman

A Nigerian pastor has been caught red-handed while he was trying to have sex with a married woman.


The shocking incident occurred in Ondo State.


The video surfaced on social media on Thursday, July 2. The identity of the pastor is yet to be verified as the video was blurred. However, he could be heard pleading for mercy. He spoke in the Yoruba language; in which he mentioned that it was the work of the devil’ and he never intended to have sex with the lady.


According to reports, the cleric is based in Ondo State and he has a reputation for luring women in his congregation into bed with him.


The pastor pleaded as he was spanked by some of the married woman’s relative in the video. The married lady was heard laughing along with others in the rancorous scene.


Indeed, his recent escapade had resulted in a set-up which the married woman was fully aware of; alongside her husband. However, the Pastor did not see this coming.


Consequently, he was caught red-handed in an undressed state, with the video subsequently going viral.


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Watch the video below.


In a related piece of news,, another Ondo State Pastor instigated controversy a couple of months ago on social media after he requested for half-naked women to pray for a missing 1-year-old boy in Akure.



Prophet Babatunde Omoemi assembled half-naked women to pray for him; weeks after a 1-year-old child got missing during the church’s special service.


Equally important, Prophet Babatunde is the senior pastor of the Sotitobire Miracle Centre in Akure, Ondo State.


1st News gathered that the church workers were allegedly harassing the missing child’s family; for asking questions about the whereabouts of their son.



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