Pastor stripped naked, beaten blue black for sleeping with married women

Pastor stripped naked, beaten blue black for sleeping with married women

A so-called pastor in Benin City, Edo State, experienced the wrath of angry residents who stripped him naked and beat him mercilessly for allegedly sleeping with some married women who are members of his church.

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In a viral video has been making the rounds, the pastor who is attached to a popular church in the state, Army Power Ministry, was reportedly caught red-handed by the son of one of the women he has been sleeping with.

The angry young man was said to have raised an alarm bringing in other young men who apprehended the man of God before he could escape.

He was then taken to an uncompleted building where he was stripped, beaten and made to confess to his sins while the young men recorded the incident on video.

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In the video, the pastor heard confessing to sleeping with some married women in the church including the mother of the young man who caught him in the act.

Watch the video here:

Army power ministry pastor in Benin city nabbed after sleeping with church member's wives

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