Patent infringement: TikTok countersues Triller

Patent infringement: TikTok countersues Triller

TikTok is suing competitor, Triller, for copyright violation. The lawsuit is because of a similar copyright violation lawsuit that Triller filed against TikTok in July. Additionally, Triller thought TikTok had been making use of its technology for years.

To be more indepth

However, TikTok denied every allegation that Triller came up with. It’s no surprise that TikTok is fighting back against Triller. Afterall, Triller brought the fight to it first.

Triller’s CEO, Mike Lu, also had something to say on the matter.

According to him, TikTok’s been defying the platform and stealing its technology. He also accused it of profiting at TikTok’s expense.

What TikTok is doing?

TikTok Is Filing A Counter Lawsuit Against Triller

For these reasons, TikTok’s serving Triller a countersuit because its platform and services have not violated any policy.

Also, it is not responsible for any damage or inconvenience Triller has experienced over time. With the backing of its lawyers, a statement was released.

“A judicial declaration is necessary to resolve the real, immediate, and justiciable controversy concerning these issues and to determine the respective rights of the parties,” the lawyers’ statement said.

TikTok’s Soar

TikTok’s one of the most popular video-sharing app existing. The platform, at the moment, has over two billion downloads. However, that’s not all. Just a month ago, it had a record of 100 million active subscribers.

Triller also came out saying they had the same amount of monthly subscribers.

But, its former employees are in disagreement with that figure.

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