Peju Johnson: ‘Men send me nudes because of my boobs’

Peju Johnson: ‘Men send me nudes because of my boobs’


Budding Nollywood actress, Peju Johnson has revealed in a recent interview that men usually flood her DM with nude photos because of her boobs.


Peju Johnson, who is gradually garnering momentum in the movie industry; revealed that her boobs are instigating distortion in the heart of men. The actress revealed that her fans are predominantly men and this is due to her enthralling mammary glands.


Speaking during a recent interview, Peju mentioned that she is disgusted by the images she receives daily.


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Here is what she said:


“My boobs get me the most attention compared to other parts of my body; because I get a lot of comments on them. However, I have never been sexually harassed on account of that; except by guys who send images of their manhood to me on social media.”



The Ile Ife, Osun State-born actress who has featured in over 13 films since her return to the country in 2016; noted that women are to be blamed for the baby mama trend.


In her words: ”As a woman, you shouldn’t be having unprotected sex with a man you know deep down he is not ready for marriage.

If a man isn’t ready and you having unprotected sex with him; you should know you will end up being a baby mama. You should face any drama that comes with it.

Sometimes, most of these women also do it intentionally; thinking he is going to end up marrying them or end up paying the child’s support.

For some, it is even a business”, she said.

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