Why people commit suicide

Why people commit suicide

Every day should be suicide prevention awareness day. Every day should be an opportunity to communicate the importance of knowing the signs of a person contemplating self harm what steps to follow to get help, and resources available.

There are many reasons an individual may decide to end his or her life, but here are six notable reasons:

  • Depression: The feeling of despondency and distress; it can strike at any age and can encompass a roller coaster of emotions. Different groups of people do experience depression in different ways for example men and women display depression differently and men are four times more likely to die of suicide than women (NAMI).
  • Despair: Hopelessness can be a sign of depression, but it can also stand alone. Research has shown that severe despair and hopelessness can be predictors of suicide (NCBI 2012).
  • Decline: Individuals suffering from chronic illness and/or chronic pain resist seeking psychiatric or psychological care for fear their pain symptoms will be minimized or considered reflective of an underlying mental disorder. A survey by Hitchcock et al found that 50% of chronic pain patients had serious thoughts of committing suicide due to their pain disorder (NCBI 2011).
  • Defeat: A feeling that “It’s all wrong” or “I can’t do anything right.” The inability to escape from defeating or stressful circumstances provides the setting conditions for the emergence of suicidal thoughts (Lancet Psychiatry 2014). Read more 

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