Peter Obi meets with Femi Kuti, promises issue-based campaign

Peter Obi meets with Femi Kuti, promises issue-based campaign

Peter Obi, the presidential flagbearer for Labour Party, has met with Afrobeat musician, Femi Kuti. Obi reassured the artiste that his “Obidient movement” will run its campaign on causes rather than personal assaults.

He added that the recent controversy was not what the movement and his goal stood for; and that the focus of his campaign would be on issues that regularly affect Nigerians and Nigeria.

According to a video clip online, the former governor of Anambra provided the guarantee while paying the musician a visit. Charles Oputa, also known as Charly Boy, was among the attendees at the gathering.

“I saw what my own brother, Femi, tweeted and I said no! that is not what the future and the society we want to build.

“We will lead a campaign based on issues that affect Nigerians and that is what I encourage everybody to do,” he said while addressing Femi in the video clip.

Although the specifics of the visit are unknown, it’s possible that they have something to do with the current online dispute between the musician and Obi’s devotees. The veteran musician allegedly called Obi’s followers “zombies”. Although, he has explained that many misinterpreted his statement.

“How can you be Obidient in this chaos? I am not Obidient. Tell me, at 60, why am I Obidient? You said I should be Obidient, sit down, be peaceful,” he said.

Femi Kuti Clarifies Statement Linking Peter Obi's Supporters To  Zombies

During a performance at the Shrine on Thursday night, Kuti is claimed to have asked, “Are you all okay in this country?.”

Kuti had said, “Why would I support Tinubu? Please don’t get me angry. I believe Peter Obi and Atiku are friends for him to be his Vice President if they had won the last election, so why should I not have doubts?

“My family has not supported any political party, we just sit and watch. We would not support anyone because we are heartbroken.

“If Obi wins and things change, then we’ll jubilate but no one should tell me not to have my doubts about him. I can’t tell you what to do with your life.

“Stop threatening me that you’ll burn the shrine or insult my children. Stop that. When Fela was against Abiola, you voted for him, same thing about Obasanjo.

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“If you tell me Obi is different, but he went to greet Babangida, Obasanjo, that makes me skeptical

“My family believes these political elites are part of the problem of this country. I have my reservations about Peter Obi and you cannot tell me what to think.

“How would you ask me if I like Tinubu, when he was Governor he raided the shrine so many times. We had a big battle with Tinubu closing the shrine.

“I just love to play my music and don’t want anything from anybody. I’ve always believed in the youth just like my father. My children are youths and I have to see life like there’s light at the end of a tunnel.”

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