Peter Obi preaches tolerance amongst supporters after criticism of Pastor Oyemade

Peter Obi preaches tolerance amongst supporters after criticism of Pastor Oyemade

The Labour Party’s (LP) nominee for president, Peter Obi, has urged his followers to be accepting of opposing views.

On Sunday, July 3, he posted the request using his verified Twitter account.

A few days prior, Peter Obi supporters criticized Poju Oyemade; head pastor of Covenant Christian Centre, vehemently for his social media post.

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Oyemade had cautioned young people not to invest their energy in “poorly designed projects.”

Although the clergyman avoided mentioning any names, his counsel was interpreted as a criticism of the Obi youth movement.

The former governor of Anambra expressed his understanding of the frustration of the people through a series of tweets; but he advised his followers to voice their concerns “gracefully.”

Peter Obi also advised them to channel their energy positively and be open to future collaborations.

“I sincerely thank my supporters for believing in me and my commitment to building a united, secure and well-functioning Nigeria,” the post reads.

“However, I appeal once more that we should be tolerant of other people’s views, dissent and divergent opinions & possibly learn from them.

“While the frustration and anger in the country is understandable; we must strive to channel that energy positively in ways that will earn the support and collaboration of others.

“Even as our message continues to gain broad acceptance, there are some we still need to work to convince. In expressing ourselves, we should do so with grace so as not to precipitately shut doors to future collaborations on sustainable nation-building,” Peter Obi tweeted.

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