Phelps Equals 2,000-year-old Record

Phelps Equals 2,000-year-old Record

We all know that Michael Phelps is an amazing athlete, but according to The Washington Post, he’s tied an Olympic record that’s stood for over 2,000 years.

According to The Post, Leonidas of Rhodes, who competed in the ancient Olympics, holds the record with 12 individual Olympic titles. Phelps, of course, has 25 total Olympic medals, including a record 21 Olympic gold medals, but only 12 of those 21 have come from individual events, whereas the others came from relays. Leonidas of Rhodes won gold medals in three events, in four straight Olympiads, which historians consider to be the all-time record.

ICYMI, Leonidas won the stadion, diaulos, and hoplite race at the 164-160-156-152 BC Ancient Olympic Games. 4 consecutive in 3 diff events. According to historians, Leonidas of Rhodes was the closest thing to an Olympic god, winning his last three gold medals at 36. He competed in the stadion (a track event similar to the 200-meter sprint), the diaulos (described as twice as long as the stadion, or about 400 meters),andthehoplite. The hoplite, apparently, was the most unique, and just sounds cool. Read more


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