Piers Morgan blasts Donald Trump over shoddy handling of COVID-19 crisis (Video)

Piers Morgan blasts Donald Trump over shoddy handling of COVID-19 crisis (Video)
  • Piers Morgan urged Trump to tone down his characteristic firebrand rhetoric 
  • Trump has been roundly criticized for his near-daily White House press briefings 
  • President has picked fights with journalists and bragged about his leadership 

Piers Morgan has unleashed a blistering attack on Donald Trump for ratcheting up his populist tactics during a time of national crisis.

The broadcaster, who is a long-time friend of the President; urged Trump to tone down his characteristic firebrand rhetoric and act statesmanlike.

Piers Morgan also warned that continuing to exploit the coronavirus emergency to draw political battle lines would cost the President the election in November.

Trump has been roundly criticized for using his White House press briefings to pick fights with journalists; to further lash out at state governors and brag about how well he has handled America’s epidemic.

Yet the President has insisted attacks on his administration are unfair; and claimed his efforts have saved thousands of lives.

Piers Morgan waded into the debate in an interview with CNN; where he offered a withering assessment of the President’s leadership.

Watching the briefings with ‘mounting horror’, he said: “He’s turning these briefings into self-aggrandizing, self-justifying, overly defensive and politically partisan – almost like a rally to him.

“Almost like what’s more important is winning the election in November. No, it’s not Donald Trump. What’s more important right now is saving American lives.”

While most world leaders have seen a bounce in popularity since the epidemic unfolded; Trump’s approval ratings have slipped.

Piers Morgan, who won Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice in 2007 and has since also bagged the only British interviews with him in his capacity as Good Morning Britain’s co-presenter, laid out his advice to the President.

He said: “All that’s required from the president in those moments, and any world leader, frankly, is they’ve got to be calm, they’ve got to show authority, they have to be honest, they have to be accurate, entirely factual with what they’re telling the people and they have to have an ability to show empathy.

“On almost every level of that, Donald Trump at the moment is failing the American people.”

He continued: “You will win the election in November if you get this right. If you stop making it about yourself and make it about the American people and show that you care about them over yourself, you will win.

“And, conversely, you will lose the election in November if you continue to make it about yourself; you continue playing silly politics, continue targeting Democrat governors because that suits you for your electoral purposes.”

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