Piers Morgan calls out Rishi Sunak

Piers Morgan calls out Rishi Sunak

Piers Morgan has blamed Rishi Sunak for getting his figures on the quantity of every day Covid tests wrong during a live rant.


The Good Morning Britain moderator hammered Sunak for saying 250,000 individuals; daily were being tried.


“No, you’re not, on the grounds that you, yourself; said on your past meeting that – you may overlooked what you said – you said that 250,000 tests were being done every day.


“Presently, you’ve advanced that figure on the grounds that there are various tests on individuals, as you probably are aware.


“You’ve currently said it’s not 250,000 tests being led a day. Presently, after an hour; it’s 250,000 individuals per day.



Piers Morgan calls out Rishi Sunak



“It’s not, however, is it, Rishi Sunak? You’re the numbers fellow, you’re the chancellor; you should know better.”


Morgan accused the chancellor of having no idea what the real figure was because of a recent “technical glitch“; which saw 16,000 cases go unreported.



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Morgan cautioned the chancellor to “get your numbers right” since “we’re watching your meetings”.


“Albeit nobody’s considering you answerable when you change your story, we are viewing and we will do it; regardless of whether you don’t have the guts to go onto this program,” Morgan shouted.


Watchers oppose this idea. @browne_dave stated: “It’s time @GMB considered @piersmorgan responsible! I watched the show today since I read how energizing it would have been. As another person said this is ending up being the new Jermy Kyle Show. It’s a complete fiasco @GMB, you have to take control.”


Jeffrey Goines posted an image of previous US broadcast writer Walter Cronkite and the anecdotal parody telecaster Ron Burgundy; expressing: “Who Piers Morgan thinks he is versus reality”.


Trev Hesketh included: “They wonder why politicians won’t come on this programme.”






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